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When did people finish work...?

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manyhatson Sun 07-Jun-09 18:40:51

I'm 38 weeks and work full time running our own business (with DH). People keep asking me when I'm finishing and I have joked "when the contractions are about 5 minutes apart..." but I'm not joking that much as I plan to work right up until the first sign of contractions, or until I feel like giving up.

Some days I've been knackered I'll admit (and drying my hair in the morning is almost too much) but most of the time I feel just fine and frankly, I'm less pooped at work than at home. At work I sit at my desk all day, waddling to the loo every now and again, but at home I'm up and down the stairs, bending over clearing up after my DD (who's 3 and is at to the childminder during the week).

I was wondering what everyone else's experiences of working in the later stages of pregnancy were...? My biggest worry is that my waters will break in the office and I will have to walk through the building with wet clothes! Anyone got any embarrassing 'waters breaking at work' stories...?

beckynbump Sun 07-Jun-09 19:12:27

I finished 5 days before my DD was due and then she arrived 3 days early, planning on doing the same for next one due in oct. (Being a bridesmaid 2 days before I am due this time so fingers crossed its not early again)

I felt fine, exhausted, but cat naps at lunch kept me going. Thought I would be bored silly at home.

carrielou2007 Sun 07-Jun-09 19:59:43

I finished a week before my due date and dd was 2 and a half weeks late and I was going out of my mind, the size of a small building (9lb 6). This time I am going to finish 3 weeks before (well take 2 weeks holiday as part of that) though may finish sooner nearer the time.

Everyone thought I was odd working so close, I had friends finish 6 weeks before!!

Work until you feel ready I say and good luck!!

CMOTdibbler Sun 07-Jun-09 20:07:12

I finished two days after ds was born - he arrived on the Friday, so my maternity leave started on the Monday (he was born at 35 weeks). My friend who had twins 7 weeks later finished 3 days before they were booked to induce her. She reckoned being in her air conditioned office was much better than being at home.

I don't have a waters at work story but it was close. Me and above mentioned friend were on a training course in London Monday to Wednesday of that week (much explaining to taxi drivers that neither of us were imminent), I had a big work event on the Thursday night, so had booked the Friday off.

So when my waters went, and the hospital said I needed to be there right now and DH was 2 hours away, I had to phone one of my other colleagues to take me to hospital. Bless him, he drove like a maniac to collect me, kept up a reassuring chat all the way there and until DH turned up. Then went back to work to a barrage of questions as to why he had run out like that.

SheWillBeLoved Sun 07-Jun-09 20:48:30

I finished today, at 35 weeks. Very physically demanding job, and being on my feet all day and not getting the chance to recover between shifts and doing up our new house on days off just wasn't working. Could feel myself getting more tired and achy with each day that passed!

If it was just a desk job, I'd have stayed until the very end.

Zorra Mon 08-Jun-09 11:19:13

I have 25 days of leave left (I haven't had a day off in a year ) and my work make you take your owed leave before maternity leave starts, so I am off from 33 weeks! There is so much to do though that I know I'll be doing reports, emails and so on until the bitter end, but in the comfort of my own home and own time. This is my first as well - I imagine it's really different if there's an older child in the equation.

Blackduck Mon 08-Jun-09 11:21:20

I finished three days before ds was born (sat,sun and a bank hol mon). I was induced on the Tues at 38 weeks.

suwoo Mon 08-Jun-09 11:22:12

I have a DD at school and a DS at home. I work evenings in a fairly physical job that involves lifting and carrying and lots of standing.

I am having a section at 38 weeks and finishing 4 weeks before that.

Just 3 more weeks until I finish.....yay grin

bluebump Mon 08-Jun-09 11:28:06

I finished at 36 weeks. I was worried it was too early and that I could have worked on longer as I only have an office job but it was so hot and stressful I was pleased to leave in the end! I didn't realise how much I could sleep in that month, it was lovely.

Mind you the weather turned and it rained a lot so my visions of me sunbathing and getting some reading in before baby arrived was replaced with me sat in front of daytime telly with and MN.

xxhunnyxx Mon 08-Jun-09 11:48:55

I finished on Friday (35.5 weeks), I was OK when I was at work but I live on my own so I was struggling to find the energy to work full time and then come home and cook and clean up etc, it was just gettin a bit too much. I also have a bad back and hips so sitting down at a desk all day was just makin it worse.
Hopefully baby wont be late cos 6 weeks at home on my own might send me a little crazy! lol

heartmoonshadow Mon 08-Jun-09 11:50:17


I planned on finishing on 19th June which would be at 36 weeks but I have just been signed off by doctor for 2 weeks due to hbp. Looks like I have 6 weeks unless the baby has to come early.

lastboxoftampons Mon 08-Jun-09 11:55:34

My official last day of work is my due date, but I'm taking that week as holiday, so I'm finishing the week before. The two weeks before that I'm going to come in 3 days a week and take the other two as holiday. I've got some time, so I'm trying to spread it out and ease myself out of work, figured the days off will be much appreciated at the end. I'm 33.5 weeks now and I have some bad days, but mostly I'm fine, I've got a very easy commute.

cornflakegirl Mon 08-Jun-09 13:13:51

My mat leave is due to start the day after my due date, but I'm taking the week before as holiday. Did the same with DS - he was one day early, and I didn't do anything constructive with my week off - didn't even pack my bag till the contractions started (v slow start fortunately). This one is due mid August, so DS (4) will be at home full-time (with DH) - much easier to be at work!

BlueChampagne Mon 08-Jun-09 21:55:00

With DS I finished on the Friday; he was due the following Monday but didn't show till the Wednesday. If you feel OK, and work doesn't have any policies on the subject, go for it. I'm now pg with DC2 and hope to do much the same!

Portofino Mon 08-Jun-09 21:58:16

I finished at 36 weeks. I was knackered. It was lucky really as i had too much fluid and a breech presentation and was admitted the following week. So much for my few weeks of nesting and meeting friends for lunch. Crap hospital food and Homes under the Hammer instead....

PavlovtheCat Mon 08-Jun-09 22:02:50

With DD, several months prior, unofficially (due to ill health not pg related) Officially, maternity leave started 4 days before DD was born.

This time, at 34 weeks. But again, for a reason. I will have 6 weeks leave to take before April 10. Well, in fact I have about 8 weeks to take, but I want to try to carry 2 weeks across if I am allowed, and take these when I return to work after ML one day a week to reduce my days in the early staged of returning.

If I did not need to use up my leave I would store it all and as much ML as I could to take after baby was born, so would probably take a week leaves, 2 weeks max.

Sycamoretreeisvile Mon 08-Jun-09 22:06:44

38 weeks with DD and deeply regretted it. High BP was part of the reason I ended up induced and ultimately in crash c-section.

36 weeks with DS - Much better smile

Gromit78 Tue 09-Jun-09 07:41:15

I have booked 2 weeks ML before the due date, but I have booked holiday and I have days off before then so I should have four weeks off b4 baby arrives if he/she arrives on time.

Although I have quite a physically demanding job and no matter how much I ask them to give me lighter duties they won't, so I have just had to ask for shorter shift patterns. I shall be finishing in my 36th week and that cannot come too soon as far as I am concerned.

FifiOK Tue 09-Jun-09 17:25:28

If you are finishing work and using holiday before your mat leave officially starts make sure you don't lose the holiday if the baby comes early. As soon as the baby is born I think you have to start mat leave even if you were planning to take these days as holiday. Does that make sense ? hmm

ruddynorah Tue 09-Jun-09 17:27:02

6 weeks before due date. 2 of those are annual leave weeks.

loganberry12 Tue 09-Jun-09 17:39:56

11 weeks before due date demanding job standing all day with just a 15 minute break, knackered and have SPD so too painful to stand lond periods now.

staylucky Tue 09-Jun-09 17:45:18

I finished at 34 weeks, and even though it's 'just a desk job' i'm bloody glad I did!

My DD is 5 so i'm still walking to and from school twice a day but glad to be able to bust into my really comfy clothes, stuff i'd never leave the house in grin

I suppose it's what suits everyone best but i'm personally enjoying the rest before D day and the chance the devote myself completely to my OCD cleaning routine.

2muchinformation Wed 10-Jun-09 07:22:43

Gromit you should look into that further, that your employer won't give you lighter duties while pg. If the work you are doing is becoming impossible to do due to your pg and there is lighter work you can do at work, they have to consider it. Have you had a risk assessment? A woman should not be forced to take maternity leave earlier than they actually would like because they cannot manage their workload due to it being physically impossible. It may fall under Sex Discrimination as you may be being treated unfairly due to your pregnancy.

For example, I am suffering badly from hyperemesis. I have been lucky in that I get full sick pay and have had 5 weeks off with it. On my return to work, we did a full New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment which is a legal document, and which looks at al the risks to me, and how they might be managed, including heavy lifting, contamination/disease, violence, stress, standing, computer use. I have been removed from certain duties on the basis I cannot physically do it at the moment, even though some of these duties are core duties of mine, as there is other work I can do.

If they cannot find me alternative work to do, they have to suspend me, but on full pay.

2muchinformation Wed 10-Jun-09 07:28:56

That also applies to Logan and all those who are suffering from pg related work difficulties (in that they are struggling to do their work due to pg). OH are excellent in this area (usually) and employers have to be guided by their recommendations.

Maternity leave is to prepare for, and have time off with your new baby. Not to stop work solely as your employer will not accommodation your changing needs and you can no longer manage as you are. Maternity leave should kick in, if there is sickness involved of any nature at 4 weeks prior to EDD. Not 11 weeks! That is 7 weeks less time with your baby which is the point of it.

Sorry for the rant. But some-one at work felt she had to go on maternity leave when she was 30 weeks as she was suffering from severe exhaustion and struggled to cope with her work, was 'encouraged' and was not told that if she went to her gp she would be signed off as sick, which she was. I know that does not apply to some people as they do not get paid full sick pay, or not for long.

Sorry for my rant. But its such a shame that people are being forced to take lots of time off before baby is due instead of taking it for its real purpose.

suwoo Wed 10-Jun-09 07:43:10

Unfortunately, none of that applies to me as I am self employed (kind of like a franchise) so I have to struggle on carrying boxes and moving chairs and tables around myself. Thats why I'm finishing four weeks before.

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