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How can I carry my toddler now I'm pregnant?

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morningpaper Mon 09-May-05 21:02:21

My daughter is 2 but she is the size of a small beetle and often needs to be carried. I used to use a hippychick hip seat but now I'm a bit ROUND with pregnancy I'm a bit confused about the best way to carry her, especially as my back is getting dodgier. Any suggestions?

Tommy Mon 09-May-05 21:04:28

I'm afraid I just stopped carrying my DS when I got too pregnant to do so! He had to walk everywhere or, I put him in the pushchair (not in the house obviously )
I'm a mean Mummy though

roisin Mon 09-May-05 21:19:13

I had an age-gap of 22 months between my two, and a very dodgy back when I was pregnant, so ds1 just had to come to terms with not being carried. I would pick him up for a cuddle, or he could sit on my lap, but I didn't carry him anywhere - around the house or out of it.
He coped fine with that

hoxtonchick Mon 09-May-05 21:25:38

i just don't carry ds now that i'm pg, though he's 3 and a bit. i will pick him up, but physically can't carry him round the house etc. he's mostly ok with it. the next fight is to get him out of the buggy....

jenkel Mon 09-May-05 21:48:59

Take my advice and dont carry a toddler when your pregnant for any great distance/time. I did and I'm sure I've done some damage to the hip that I carry on, I had an 18 months difference, no hip pain before 2nd pregnancy and a lot after. Think it may be to do with your ligaments (or whatever it is) getting softer in pregnancy. Its not even worth seeing any body about it yet as I have a 1 year old and I know they will tell me not to carry her.

Thomcat Mon 09-May-05 22:05:16

I'm pregnant, baby due at Xmas, my 3 and a half year old can't walk or stand unaided and shows no sign of being able to do so for some time, so at 9 months pregnant I'll have a non walking/standing 4 year old. Also suffer from a bad back. Not much I can do about it though to be honest. Don't have a drive and no parking immediatley outside door and the gravel carpark and narrow path at nursery also mean that I have to carry her into school and so on and so on. If anyone has any great ideas for morningpaper I'll be interested to hear them, otherwise I'll just crack on.

Janh Mon 09-May-05 22:08:20

Do you generally carry Lottie atm, TC? Might this be a good time to get a big buggy for her - either a large ordinary one (don't know how big she is) or a Major?

hub2dee Mon 09-May-05 22:10:39

Hiya mp, would one of the properly structured backpack carrier thingies be any help ? The more expensive ones really do have very fantastic rear straps / structured 'spines' / webbing for waist area etc...

TC ? Your pg ? Nooooo ? Still v. happy for you !

Thomcat Mon 09-May-05 22:12:38

Yes I carry her everywhere all the time. She can go from a to b, from the lounge to kitchen and her room to our room, but I carry her up and down stairs, when I have half hour to spare I make her do it herself! I carry her to and from car, in and out of nursery, from car to trolley for sainsburys etc etc etc. I have a buggy for her and am on the list to be seen for a major but am going to need a double buggy by the end of the year so not sure how that will work tbh, will ahve to wait and see what the major people say. Other than that I don't have a choice, she can't bum shuffle up he path, across the pavement, over the grass verge over the road and down to the car every day so i'll have to carry her, nothing else for it.

compo Mon 09-May-05 22:14:21

Hi TC. How's the pregnancy going? Hope everything has calmed down after all the initial excitement!!

Thomcat Mon 09-May-05 22:14:59

LOL hub2dee wish there was a little yellow face sticking his tounge out!

Thomcat Mon 09-May-05 22:17:36

Fine thanks compo, yes much calmer, some naseau and tired but happy and just seeing how things go over the next 6 weeks and then the 6 after that etc.

hub2dee Mon 09-May-05 22:39:34

LOL. I wish I'd started the sweepstakes for the first day you had an upchuck on morning sickness, TC.... everyone would have lost cos your dates were out and the sweepstakes organiser (moi) would have been quids in !!! (I think I mentioned it in your 'OMG' thread). You always post so positively of your parenting experience with fab Lottie that I'm sure lots of people are rooting for you to have a great pg !

We're 'approaching' the home run (due end July / beg, August)... it's still so exciting !

BTW - Don't know if you ever scanned the Mountain Buggy threads a while back... we spent an age deciding on buggy and posted a number of links to a good MB dealer who also sells larger ones for SN... he seems to be pretty experienced and possibly could advise on custom buggies or a good design for a dual buggy incorporating larger space for Lottie ?


Thomcat Mon 09-May-05 22:46:18

hub2dee, you are fast becoming everyone's favourite person and you may very well just have bumped yourself right up my list

Will check out the buggy info with great interest, much appreciated.

And listen you, no upchucking as such, if yu must know a bit of wretching going on, but that's it. Some inconsiderate person microwaved a fish dish at work and I found it very difficult! , had to keep breathing out very deeply, but quietly! LOL.

so anyway..... any pearls of wisdom for not having to carry Lotbags everywhere when I have a swelly belly? I was thinking of sticking her on a little sledge and pulling her along!!!!!!

Thomcat Mon 09-May-05 22:47:13

Oh and how rude of me, good luck with the home run guys, enjoy it all. xx

hub2dee Mon 09-May-05 23:06:39

Maybe a clever welder type blokey could take an MB XL (perhaps second hand) and 'merge' it onto a MB double chassis or something crazy like that ? It might be impossible to fold, so perhaps too big for your hall, but maybe you could keep it in the drive etc...

I'm sure Nigel (the blokey who runs that Web site I linked to would have more sensible advice) !

Does anyone adapt one of those motorised 'shopper' things grannies and some disabled people use into something fun and useful like a Thomcat Family Transport Device ?

Advice for Carrying of the Lotbag ? Erm.... not really... Re-negotiate childcare arrangements with dp ??? Find yourself a live-out lover enamoured by your wit and beauty and force him to carry your babba for even a grain of your attention ????


hub2dee Mon 09-May-05 23:08:42

Erm... thought I read a post by you with some heaving details one morning ? I'll give you the beneft of the doubt it was dry wretching.

Get dp to clean the bogs so at least they're sparkling for ya !

(PS - are you with dp or dh - not sure ?)

eidsvold Tue 10-May-05 06:33:22

TC and mp - as you know - dd1 was not walking ( and even now cannot walk very far at all) when I was very pregnant - early on and think I had a touch of spd - very painful pelvic region for a long time.... no helpful ideas.... I just cracked on - sorry I did make her do things like stand on her bed/chair to lift her from there rather than lifting her from the floor. Know that is not very helpful.... but my biggest problem came when I slipped down the stairs very pregnant carrying dd2 - frightened the life out of me - luckily was on the way to the GP for checkup so she checked everything out. I did fall on my huge butt so that padding protected everyone But just be CAREFUL......

Re the double buggy - DON"T DO IT. What i did - purchased a three wheeler buggy - the idea being dd2 could be in the sling, dd1 in the three wheeler - then when dd1 doing therapy etc dd2 could lay in the buggy. Did not last long as dd2 is soo heavy and was such a weight to carry esp after caesar and dodgy back. Luckily found a different type of three wheeler that had a toddler seat that attached to the front - can take no more than 15kg ( okay for us). Not sure how much Lottie weighs but dd1 is still nowhere near the 15kg limit. Then we have a choice - when it is the two of us - dd1 goes in her buggy and dd2 goes in the 3 wheeler pram - when it is just me - pram and seat and off we go. Just a thought. It is a little heavy to steer but not as bulky as a double - either length or width wise.

My SIL has a proper hiking backpack thingy which sits low across your hips and straps very securely to your back - she is able to carry either 3 yo or 10 month old neice - very supportive... bulky though but she swears by it. The seat then can be adjusted for smaller babe or big toddler. Will ask her about it if you like.

Hub2dee - my dd1 was born on the first of August.... enjoy these last few months before your life changes in ways you can't begin to imagine..... but in great ways.

hub2dee Tue 10-May-05 08:18:54

Good info, eidsvold.

Re: "enjoy these last few months before your life changes in ways you can't begin to imagine" - one hears this all the time of course, along with the universal "get some sleep in".... but I've never found you can really 'bank' sleep like that, only get to bed at a sensible time and get up at the same...

So, any advice for our last few months ?

(Might start a thread on this, could be interesting !)

Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 09:03:45

Hub2dee - only dry wretching / heaving, and one teaspoons worth of sick once, nice, sorry and yes he's a DP not a DH, no plans to mend what isn't broken either!

Hi Edisvold. Yes I was planning on gettign the sling out for bubs and sticking to buggy for Lotbags for a bit but as Lottie has been guesstimated to walk at about 5 yrs old then we'll have to do a double at some stage. I'm thinking of a 3 wheeler double at this stage but we've got a while to think about it.
Emailed that guy Hub2dee so thanks for the link.

Also re carrying and being pregnant, yes I do make lottie try and stand before I pick her up but I have to help her stand and then grab her up into my arms. I do try and make her go up and down stairs as much as poss but it takes forever so not always possible. We do piggy backs down sometimes. I'll sit on the 2nd step down and she comes behind me, puts her little arms round my neck and I stand up. Seems to work okay for now. Just going to have to work that extra bit hard and try and get her as near to walking as faast as poss and other than that crack on and grin and bear it

hub2dee Tue 10-May-05 09:12:04

dw had that sometimes TC... said it was worse than vom because nothing really happens - 'nothing to show for the horrible feeling' as it were ! LOL.

Hope Nigel can help out with some advice - will you post here any comments / ideas ?

LOL also at no plans to mend what isn't broken !

Did my worldly advice "Find yourself a live-out lover enamoured by your wit and beauty and force him to carry your babba for even a grain of your attention ?" not resonate with you ????

Have a lovely day.

Thomcat Tue 10-May-05 09:15:56

It did resonate babes yes, sorry, I was too busy being serious before I leave for work, I'm sorry and I think you are incredibly funny, okay??? Seriously though, yes, you made me grin from ear to ear and I think it's your best idea yet

Will deffo post any comments from Nige' the buggy man.

You have a lovely day too, speak to you later, love to Dee, TC xx

ninah Tue 10-May-05 09:20:27

Yup I have this dilemma too, ds 2.8 very heavy and fairly lazy tho if I put a football in front of him he will walk for miles, so this is my plan for the time being.

elliott Tue 10-May-05 09:21:42

TC I should mention here the E3, although I'm sure its one of the options you will think about. I do think its one of the best ways to transport two - really compact and manoevrable- and of course will convert to a single - only thing you need to watch is whether the front seat will be big enough for Lottie at 4+. Ds1 would still be fine for it now at 3.5 but he is small and light (13kg or so).

jessicasdaddy Tue 10-May-05 09:30:24

get someone else to carry her!!!!

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