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Silly question re due date and pregnancy calculators

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flyingcloud Sun 07-Jun-09 18:07:12

Sorry for being a bit dizzy...blush

If your pregnancy counts from the first day of your last period I am officially six weeks pregnantgringrin, but it's just over three weeks since conception (I think, don't really know but I have a fair idea of when I ovulated so it's roughly right)

The baby remains officially an 'embryo' he/she is 8 weeks old - is this the same as being 8 weeks pregnant?

If the first scan is at X weeks - say 10 - is that at 10 weeks of pregnancy or when the baby is 10 weeks old?

One final question to anyone who has been bothered to humour me thus far... how many weeks pregnant were you when you told family and friends?

Thank you!

thaliablogs Sun 07-Jun-09 18:19:19

Once you are pregnant it's all based on weeks since your last period. You may get a correction of how pregnant you are at your first scan, as the time-from-period thing is only accurate if you ovulate 2 weeks after your period, which many women don't. Given you are sure-ish when you ovulated, you could say you are 5 weeks pregnant - ie the three weeks since you ovulated, plus the two weeks back from that to when you woud have had your period on a 'standard' cycle. Docs etc may ignore you until they have scan as evidence - very annoying!

flyingcloud Sun 07-Jun-09 18:29:38

Thanks - tbh I just really want to discuss this with someone and I want to know if I'm ridiculously early to be talking to anyone other than DH. DH and I do discuss a lot. Doctor isn't interested until I've had a blood test to confirm.

Thanks again - it's a weird, exciting but lonely time I just want to call my mum and tell her!

mrswee Sun 07-Jun-09 18:53:24

We told very close friends as soon as we found out at about 5 weeks (3 weeks + 2!) ... this was mainly because we were going away with them for the weekend and it was easier to tell them than not too!

I told close family - my mum, DH's mum and dad at about 7 weeks and again some friends when were away staying in London because it was easier to tell them than not too and keep shying away from a drink and trying to avoid them smoking in front of me.

My DH was so excited he told a few people when he was supposed to wait! Many of my friends guessed when I didn't turn up at parties or refused a drink!

we ended up not waiting that long about 10 weeks, except for telling my work and more distant friends and family members we don't see that much.

We looked at it this way - If we would have told a friend that we had lost a baby ( god forbid) then there was no reason to hold back from telling them I was pregnant.

Think about calling your mum, it is a lovely thing to be able to tell her!

good luck and congratulations!

flyingcloud Sun 07-Jun-09 19:40:33

Thank you so much, how lovely to hear your thoughts on it. Your thinking is right about telling people. Some people would want to know (for all the right reasons) if you had a good or bad experience and telling them has to be OK. It's hard though as it is so blindindly obvious to some people who you don't want to tell! Giving up smoking and being the completely abstinent sober driver all the time is a bit of a give-away, as is DH's sudden, intimate interest in pregnant friends' pregnancies! We had a string of texts last night after dinner with four other couples of whom two are expecting.

I've decided to hold off as I'm off on a work trip for a few days and it's a good opportunity to keep it to myself.

I'm experiencing really strong emotions right now (and I am knackered after a long day on my feet, with a really achy back).
The thought of going on a work trip makes me feel like a child being sent back to boarding school and I'm nearly crying with anticipated homesickness right now. Just an aside - these pregnancy symptoms really ambush me sometimes... but I'm loving it.

Thank you again.

lal123 Mon 08-Jun-09 11:30:04

Why is your GP waiting for confirmation via blood test? Seems odd to me? Home tests are so good these days very few GPs confirm pregnancies - and if they do then its usually via a urine test?


flyingcloud Mon 08-Jun-09 14:02:12

Hmmm - I live in France that might have something to do with it? Not really sure.

mrswee Mon 08-Jun-09 15:46:05

Probably is to do with being in France.
'm in the UK and was quite suprised, when I went to the doctor and told them I had done a positive home test, that she just said 'congratulations that's you pregnant then' and didn't want to re test me or anything... still she was right I was and am pregnant!

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