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pregnancy nearer to 40. Any worse than mid 30's ??

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lulalullabye Sun 07-Jun-09 04:17:21

Currently we have two dd's. I think we would like to have three children but I am currently 38(just). Now we are currently overseas and will be coming back to the uk in Feb 2010. I think the best time to try and concieve would be october time.

How different and harder on your body is it being pregnant at nearly 40 ??

Shells Sun 07-Jun-09 05:11:29

Hi. I was pregnant in mid thirties and in early forties. It was harder when I was older, but mostly because I had 2 DSs already which meant I could hardly ever rest.

Lovely to have three though.

fingermousey Sun 07-Jun-09 06:39:01

I was pregnant first time at age 33 and second time aged 39. I have to say the second pregnancy was by far the best one! During my second pregnancy I felt at least ten years younger and I felt absolutely marvellous and wish I could have bottled a pill that would make me feel like that every day. for me it was quite the opposite of stress on my body.

I did find the night-time waking harder though, but that could just be my second baby was a bit more difficult at night.

Good luck!

BlueKangerooWonders Sun 07-Jun-09 06:48:08

Agreee with Shells - for me the pregnancy was no different (though 2 miscarriages between dc 2 and 3 ). It was having other children already that was harder, and not necessarily a toddler, as older ones seem to need mum even more for school things/ after school activities.

Often feel I am just too old to have these children - but probably would feel that even if I were 10 years younger!

As you get older it is harder to get pregnant - are you sure you can or need to wait even a few months?

lulalullabye Sun 07-Jun-09 07:11:56

Yes, we need to wait at least as have to fly back to the uk in Feb (very longhaul). So would need not to be very pregnant.

l39 Sun 07-Jun-09 08:50:07

I am 21 weeks and 40. I expected to take a long time to conceive at 39, but in fact I stopped taking the minipill in January and had a positive pregnancy test in February. I have been more tired than I was with my first or second pregnancies (ages 22 and 25) and a bit more even than with my third (twins at 31) though just the one baby this time. I can't be sure it's my age doing it, though, as I'm still within the range of normal pregnancy symptoms. I have worried a lot more, but I think most of that is not age but easy availability of the internet and all the scary stories.
Good luck with having your third!

ladylush Sun 07-Jun-09 11:49:18

I had ds at 32 and will be nearly 38 when my next dc is born. This pg has been easier but I think it is always tiring when you already have dc. So I think it's not so much the age, but the fact that you have other dc to take care of. Not looking forward to the sleepless nights though as they were hard enough with ds. Good luck smile

alana39 Mon 08-Jun-09 10:06:53

I think it's an individual thing - I'm finding my 3rd pregnancy at 39 really hard (after 2 pretty trouble free ones in early 30s) but I know people in similar situations who aren't having any such problems so it must just be me, rather than being 39. On the bright side it's only a few months, and your daughters will probably be so excited about the prospect of a new baby that this will compensate for you feeling more tired and grotty than usual. The hardest bit was the first 4 months, before we told our first 2, as they couldn't understand why I was walking around the house with a bucket, permanently scoffing marmite and not wanting to cook anything smelly for them.

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