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Any advice - pains?

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Beccabump Fri 05-Jun-09 21:16:55

Hi there,

I am 34+1 and for the last few days I have been having really strong but intermittent Braxtons, sharp shooting pains to my cervix and a real, real heaviness in my bump. I am a 2nd time mum so should really know this - but does this mean things could be kicking off sooner rather than later?

DD was born by induction at due date, so I never really had the whole natural and gradual labour thing so I am kind of freaking out about it a bit and I know I am probably worrying over nothing.

To top it all I was diagnosed with GD at 29/30 weeks and the scans are showing a baby with slightly increased abdomen and chest size. I am due my next scan on Tuesday to see if I am ok for home birth or if it's going to be a hospital birth. I just feel like I am in limbo with not knowing at the moment and these pains are not helping!

Any advice welcome and / or tell me to shut up!!


Spotsanddots Sat 06-Jun-09 09:53:31

Hi Becca bump, my little one is ten weeks today and i had braxton hicks and pains like you at about 34 weeks. I was sure she was coming early as they were real twinges and the hicks were very uncomfortable. I made sure that my hospital bag was packed and nursery ready etc and was convinced she would be early like my first. DD1 was 3 days early. As it turned out DD2 was 6 days late after i had a stretch and sweep by the midwife.

If you are worried, have a chat to your midwife. I often found it was worse if i have been over doing it.

I was measuring about 5 weeks further on than i should and was huge. I had extra scans and they showed that the baby was expected to be about 9 lb, which worried me.

As it turned out she was 8 lb 13 oz, and the birth was fantastic. I think because my body had done it once before it knew what to do and it was much easier this time and enjoyable.

I worked myself into such a panic about giving birth to a big baby and worried she would come early, so silly really as mother nature took care of it and it was a fabulous experience.

Hope you get the home birth you want, and best of luck

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