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Optimum Foetal Positioning - did it work for you?

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GentlyDidIt Fri 05-Jun-09 14:11:28

DD was both by c-section 6 years ago for transverse lie. It was mentioned at the time that I probably had a heart-shaped womb.

Have about 10 weeks to go this pg. Every professional who has felt my bump has said "Oh, baby's all on one side today!" Thing is there's no "today" about it - both of the pregnancies I have carried to 3rd trimester have taken up residence on the right hand side of my womb and stayed there, bum down, head under my liver and legs straight out across in an L shape. Both have even been in that position at 20 week scans!

I don't think I can influence things very much as I think this is just how I grow babies. Cephalic would be ideal; breech would at least be something. I have been sitting in a straight chair and not slouching as much as possible, but sometimes wonder if I should just give up and veg out...

I would love to hear from anyone who has managed to influence their baby to change position...

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