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Any shortarsed pregnant people around ?

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Wheelybug Fri 05-Jun-09 11:13:27

I have some maternity trousers to get rid of but all have been shortened to fit my exceedingly short legs - prob 26-27 inches. Sizes around 12 (a couple of 10s I think).

Will be free but just want them to go to a good home rather than chuck them.

If any interest I'll list what I have when I've sorted through. Am going out but will be back later !

Wheelybug Fri 05-Jun-09 13:38:15


I can't be the only short-legged freak out there ?

gizzy1973 Fri 05-Jun-09 14:00:36

I have short legs too but think I am a size 12-14 but have no idea how maternity trousers work

Wheelybug Fri 05-Jun-09 18:30:22

Hi. You need the same size clothes in maternity as normal. I'll look out what I've got if you're interested, as some of it i think would fit 12-14. Will post back, prob over the weekend !

gizzy1973 Fri 05-Jun-09 19:46:29

thats great thanks
used to be a size 12 but weight has gone up some what in last few months before pregnancy so not exactly sure of my size anyway

Wheelybug Wed 10-Jun-09 20:37:01

sorry for not posting sooner - my preggo brain hasn't left me yet !

Right, I have the following in size 12 - I wore these in my first pregnancy when I was probably a biggish 12 if that helps:

Blooming Marvellous below the bump jeans - actually a 14. They are frayed slightly on the bottom of one leg.

Isabella Oliver black over bump jersey trousers - really lovely, cost a lot but are again frayed a bit on one leg (think I must have uneven legs hmm).

Blooming Marvellous grey work type trousers, over bump but with proper waistband and you make it bigger/smaller with a waist adjuster.

Jersey black pin stripe trousers (H&M)

A creamy pair of over bump trousers from H&M.

I also have a couple of pairs of Mothercare tracksuit type trousers.

In case anyone else sees this thread I have also have a pair of jeans from FunMum in size 10 (and a smallish 10 I think), over bump with jersey side panels and a pair of mothercare yoga trousers.

Anyones welcome to any of these, I just want rid ! CAT me or I can CAT you if you don't have the facility.

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