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eye floaters anyone?

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mrswee Fri 05-Jun-09 10:40:54


This is a bit of a follow on from my pre enclampsia worries at 20 weeks thread...

I have been getting regular blood pressure and urine check over the last few weeks as I had some early swelling in my feet, and head aches and some star type floaters on one day only for less than 30 seconds - nothing too dramatic however.

All my tests have been clear, not even the slightest hint of protean or raised blood pressure.

But yesterday I started getting darker floaters than I have had before - darker floating spots in my eyes when in brighter light.

They are still there and a bit annoying. I feel fine though, no headaches at all for the last 10 days. Only some swelling in my feet but only on the two every hot days over the weekend, went away when my feet were up, non this week. No other symptoms.

I have an appointment at the doctors this afternoon to check everything again and am making a Eye test appointment later today.

But does anyone have any experiance of this eye trouble in pregnancy? can it happen anyway and have nothing to do with Pre enclampsia?

I am a little worried by it all!!

bluepool Fri 05-Jun-09 11:19:05

Hi mrswee
you are doing the right thing by going to see your doctor even though your symtoms are similar to mine.
I had a slight blackout in one eye and have had bright spots floating around a couple of times.
All my test results have come back fine bloods urine blood pressure. Although my blood pressure was up recently. The hospital put you on the fetal heart monitor and check the baby to a see if they are in distress.

Mind you it hasn't help that we sold our house and there was a delay in the completion only completed last friday!! then the house that we were moving into fell through and our removers let us down so had to move ourselves in a horse box!! Could account for the high blood pressure me thinks, so now camped out at my Mum's!!!!!! She's loving it thank god even though our whippet has destroyed her front door when we left her for two hours!!! My life feels like a carry on film!!!!! It might be called "Carry on up the Duff!!!!" What do you think? wink

The swelling in my feet and legs up to my knees have been really bad at times and certainly in the last few weeks. I am 37+6, 42 and first baby with family history of pre enclampsia on first births. It's a real worry but best thing is to stay in contact with the midwifes at the hospital it's there job and they will be happy to do tests to keep you all safe.
So keep your chin up try and chill out and let the hospital take the strain and if your worried about anything go to the hospital. I felt silly a couple of times but it is better to be safe than sorry. smile

Hope all goes well good luck x x

mrswee Fri 05-Jun-09 12:01:31

thanks for your reply! No wonder your blood pressure was up!!!

My care is shared between my GP and midwife so if I have any problems in GP hours I have just to go and see them. I have not managed to get anywhere near a hospital as my GP keeps checking urine and blood pressure and a quick check of baby's heartbeat and sending me on my way when everything is fine.
I guess they might send me to the hospital today if they are concerned about my eyes.

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