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High fundal height at 18 weeks, does this mean at 40 weeks I won't be able to breathe?

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mum27 Fri 05-Jun-09 00:52:56

Hi again everyone, I just went for my checkup and the dr said that I had a high fundal height, 23cm at 18 weeks due to a previous caesarian. I'm already finding it difficult to breathe sometimes, what does this mean when I get to term? Carrying an oxygen cylinder around with me grin or could it mean the baby comes early?

Astrophe Fri 05-Jun-09 02:31:31

My fundal height is always high, it was even with DD1, and now (baby 3) is higher (currently 33 weeks and measuring 36 apparently). For me its possibly partly due to abdominal seperation so baby is 'hanging out' a lot, and also due to having big babies.

A couple of things - measuring the fundal height is pretty inexact - how tight do they pull the tape measure? What if they are 1 or 2 cm off when finding the pelvic bone? It skews the measurements a lot (s0 much so, that my midwife only measures now and again).

The other thing to remember is that as you get nearer the end , baby will drop and start to engage, so you will probably breath easier.

I'm not sure about baig babies coming early (sorry!) - both my whoppers so far were late...hoping for 37 weeks with this one, but not likely I think!

Good luck

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