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In between clothes and fed up!

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supagirl Thu 04-Jun-09 19:14:54


Just a moan really! I'm 24 weeks pregnant and up until yesterday was in my "normal" jeans, however while I can get them done up they are now uncomfortable to sit down/eat in.

Today I wore my mat jeans but they are WAY too big and I have spent all day pulling them up. :O/

This isn't my first pg, I should be used to this "in between" bit but it's sooooooo annoying, especially when I walk past the shops and see the FAB summer dresses that I can't fit into. GRRRRRRRRR!

Just wanted to moan really - I'm sure it's not just me??


mrswee Thu 04-Jun-09 19:35:25

no it's not!

I'm 23 weeks and have been out of my normal jeans for a few weeks now but haven't found any maternity ones that are any good and don't fall down.

I'm now wearing leggings with skirts/dresses at lot!

I can't really find anything to wear that is in my normal style either maternity stuff mainly seems really mumsey, flowery or comes in black!

I have also just realised that I will probably be wearing my maternity bottoms for a while after I have my baby so I better get used it! sad

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