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Glucose test at 40 weeks - a waste of time?

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Innat Thu 04-Jun-09 17:28:03

I just got back from the midwife. My urine had 1+ of glucose in it so she has booked me for a glucose tolerance test (GTT) on monday (which happens to be my due date). She said that even if the result is positive they are unlikely to do anything as there won't be any point changing my diet at this stage. She also said the baby isn't large or anything.

So why do I have to go through the discomfort of not eating or drinking beforehand, having bloods taken and having to drink a minging drink.

Can anyone tell me any good reasons for going because it sounds like a complete waste of time and resources to me?

PS I am feeling a bit hormonal today so sorry if i come across as a bti tetchy!

Beccabump Thu 04-Jun-09 18:57:23

You poor thing!

I had the GTT at 28 weeks and was diagnosed as having GD at 30 weeks. I am on diet measures and regular blood sampling to keep mine under control, also I have to have a few extra scans as my baby is quite big!

I guess the only reason they may well want you to have the GTT is because in a very small number of women the GD becomes type 2 diabetes after the birth and they are then pretty much stuck with it for life. This is likely with me as these is a lot of type 2 in the family. I would ask if they could do a non-fasting test if possible and go from there - you don't want to be starving yourself on your due date for no reason!! Also just try all the suggestions to get into labour before then!!

Hope you are feeling better this evening - it must be hard in the heat at 40 weeks - I am struggling at 34!


mrsboogie Thu 04-Jun-09 19:03:39

Actually I think that the reason they would want to do it is in case you did have GD they might want to know for when you go into labour. Sometimes they have to do extra monitoring and such and check the baby's blood sugar levels after its born.

But I did have GD and none of these things were done so I don't think it would be the end of the word if you didn't have the GTT.

Innat Thu 04-Jun-09 20:55:31

Thanks Beccabumop and mrsboogie. the midwife didn't explain about any of the implications of having GD and that they might need to check the baby when it's born.

She sort of said it was just a precaution and then casually said "you'll have probably had it by then anyway" but at least we booked you in.

from what you have said it sounds like it may be a wise precaution to make sure there aren't any implications for the wee one.

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