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34 weeks and scan showed abnormal AC measurement, any advice

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wraighty Thu 04-Jun-09 13:58:12

Hi all, had a scan on tues for placenta check and all went well as baby now lower than the placenta so great news, thought we'd got the all clear and then she came out and told us got to be rescanned in 2 weeks due to the AC (abdominal circumference) measuring above the 95th percentile, all other measurements within normal range!!

Has anyone else had this and no what it could mean, gestational diabetes has been mentioned but does anyone no any other reasons? I'm booked in for a Glucose test tomorrow but all seems a bit late in the day now i'm 34 weeks and next scan will be when i'm 36 weeks! Also worried as estimated weight is 5lbs 13oz already!

Last baby was 9lb 4oz and had episiotomy and ventouse along with drug induction, intraveneous antibiotics for strep B so dreading another large baby and more complications

Heebychick Thu 04-Jun-09 15:21:59


I am in a similar boat as you. i had a 32 week scan to be told the Head circum and abdom circum were both >97th centile,all others normal range.

My last one was 9lb 12 and 1/2 oz (but delivered by Emergency section) and i am going for a vbac this time (must be mad).

The weight of this one at 32 weeks was 5lb so i guess similar to your story.

I had a GTT test done a few weeks ago and that was normal, the consultant said i'm obviously good at 'baking big babies' hmmmm.

Why are they wanting to see you again, is it just to keep an eye on the sizes? my consultant didn't want to see us again at all.

It sounds like you had a nightmare with your previous baby so can you maybe talk to them above an elec section?

With my DD her AC was of the scale but all else normal at 34 weeks, but they didn't see me again and weren't worried, they just said she was a biggun (and she was!)

I know they say that as long as the baby's position is good then you can have a big baby without complications but hey i know how you feel?

Have you spoken to the MW?

wraighty Sun 07-Jun-09 08:21:25

Thanks Heebychick, sounds like we're in a similar boat.Had my Glucose test fri mornign at the birthing centre, I was so impressed with everyone there they were so friendly and actually treated me like a person rather than a text book (do not have a great relationship with my midwife!). Anyway get results of glucose test soon, but whilst I was there did usual antenatal checks with me and had a ++protein reading on my urine stick, but blood pressure fine.
Feels like I go in to get checked for one thing and come out with something else!!

Keep me posted with whats happening with you.

BlackLetterDay Sun 07-Jun-09 08:40:40

I had this with Ds, his ac was totally off the scale at 34 weeks and he was already 7lb odd, I had the GTT test which was normal too. He was born by elcs at 38 weeks weighing 9lb 10oz and was a podgy little thing, not being very long, but healthy and no problems.

wraighty Sun 07-Jun-09 10:53:52

Blackletterday, did you have elcs because baby was large and they advised or for other reasons?

BlackLetterDay Sun 07-Jun-09 11:10:02

I had a section due to previous emergency section with dd, because of his size and the fact I had lots of extra fluid I wimped out in the vbac stakes. They didn't push me either way and would have been happy for me to labour, was my choice. Hth

CornishKK Mon 08-Jun-09 13:49:36

Wraighty - I know how you are feeling, I had a re-scan (following a low lying placenta scan) due to worries that the AC measurement was too small, had the re-scan last week and all was fine.

I'm a bit of maths head and stuck all of the measurements from my previous scans into a spreadsheet and calculated the month on month growth rates (I've had several scans for various reasons though) and compared them to not just the percentiles reported on my scan but also other ranges that are published on the internet to reassure myself.

Growth rates just can't be an exact science and I think that hospitals alway err on the side of caution to cover their arses.

Easier said than done but I'd try not to worry about it.

wraighty Tue 09-Jun-09 08:32:46

Well good news everyone.. glucose test came back fine and i can't tell you what a relief it is not to have gestational diabetes!

only 2 more hurdles before i hope they will accept me at the birthing centre.. 1. had strep b swab as had it last pregnancy and 2 scan on tues to check AC measurement, benn told i will have to go to hospital if still out of proportion.

Would really prefer to go to a birthing centre after my last experience as I said before Last baby was 9lb 4oz and drug induction, intraveneous antibiotics for strep B, failed epidural, episiotomy and ventouse. Just desperate to be able to be more mobile this time and not have loads of intervention!

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