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Baby's head shape

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TrippleBerryFairy Thu 04-Jun-09 13:41:14

Have had another scan yesterday (28 weeks)and again, the measurements of my baby's head indicate the head is longish and narrow (after the scan I found the word 'dolichocephalic' in my antenatal book). Consultant did not seem to be overly concerned as all other measurements were fine. I wasn't concerned myself until today when I googled the word. I found this might indicate too early a closure of one of the scull sutures - in that case surgical intervention is needed. I am trying not to get stressed about this as we all come in different shapes and sizes however would appreciate if you could share your experiences... What is/was your baby's head shape? If it was described as dolichocephalic - was that of any significance after birth, was any form of correction needed or it was all fine?

I am thinking the reason for such a shape in my baby's head might be that his head is behind the placenta (which is anterior, small and quite thick) and hence the head is getting squashed by it... Wonder if there's anything I can do to make the baby move his head somewhere else where there's more space?..

Feeling a bit nervous...

blinder Thu 04-Jun-09 15:55:57

At my scan I was told the same thing - long and narrow head. In fact at my 20 weeks scan the width of the head measured 19 weeks and the length measured 21!

I would stop looking in the antenatal book and on google. If the consultant wasn't worried, there is no reason to think there is any sort of problem. We all have slightly different shaped heads!

After all, you found the word dolichocephalic yourself - the consultant didn't even use it did he? Either way - they would tell you if there was anything to worry about. smile

TrippleBerryFairy Thu 04-Jun-09 16:44:18

Thanks blinder. Did you have a scan after the one you mentioned? How was the baby's head then? If you are still pregnant- does that bother you?

She did not say that word to me but I found it in my notes. I know I should not get upset about this as otherwise the baby is fine.. I should be happy about that. After all there's nothing I can do - the best is to just relax and stay calm.

Will wait for my next scan in 3 weeks and ask more questions then.

blinder Fri 05-Jun-09 20:35:09

Hi Mozarela.

No I havent had another scan and yes I'm 27 weeks pg. I'm not worried at all about defects, but a little concerned about the diameter as far as crowning is concerned shock.

But my MW says that the important measurement is around the crown of the head (where the circle of hair is IYSWIM) and that long narrow heads usually have the same diameter measurement at the crown as the more rounded ones. She certainly didn't have any worries about the shape at all.

I do wonder whether the baby takes after my DP. We can never find hats to fit him! Have you or your P got narrow heads yourselves??

BiscuitStuffer Fri 05-Jun-09 22:40:45

FWIW DS had a head circumference of 37.5cm (I think the top end of the scale is 38cm??) and there was no pain and I didn't need drugs.

They don't call me Mrs Wizard Sleeve for nothing blush

blinder Sat 06-Jun-09 09:39:15

Hoorah! Thanks Biscuit!

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