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Chicken pox!

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IrishMaeve Thu 04-Jun-09 09:34:06

Morning all,

I'm in a panic - I'm 37+5 and finishing work tomorrow. My colleague who sits opposite me has come into contact with a little boy who now has chicken pox. My colleague has had it before. Is there a risk he can still pass it on to me? I am not sure if I've ever had it. Any suggestions as to what I should do now? I guess call my doctor, has anyone else experienced this? I've looked around online and have seen all sorts of scenarios...

Thanks in advance

ebeson Thu 04-Jun-09 13:38:32

Hi, i was in this position 2 weeks ago , when i was also 37+ weeks, we thought my nephew had got it, i rang the nhs line and they said its not a problem if you have already had chickenpox, and only a problem then if you deliver within 1 week of coming into contact with it.Hope that helps.

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