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Implanon and Pregnancy tests?

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Emily90 Wed 03-Jun-09 17:18:38

I'm 19, I have been on Implanon for almost a year and since 6 months into it I started having periods only every 3 months. But recently I've been getting the symptoms, alot and I am really worried, I took a test a few weeks ago and it was negative, so I stopped worrying, but since then the symtoms have worsened and I have read that implanon can effect the reliability of home pregnancy tests.

Do anyone know if this is possible or have any experiences.

I'm getting really worried and my partner is supportive but thinks its in my head and tells me not to worry. Is he right?

difficultdecision Wed 03-Jun-09 17:30:46

It is not unusual to have pregnancy type symptoms on implanon as it contains the hormone progesterone.

Common side effects are irregular bleeding, but nausea, dizzyness, breast pain, feelign overemotional, bloated and poor sex drive are all possible side effects (that don't affect most peopel and often settle down).

The implant would not affect a pregnancy test as it is the hormone HCG that the test reads and the implant doesn't affect that.

Either way, if you are worried, I would go and see your GP to discuss it so that they can reassure you.

Emily90 Wed 03-Jun-09 17:37:47

Thank you , I think I will go to the doctors because if I don't I'll drive myself mad with worry.

wrigglershouse Wed 03-Jun-09 18:41:36

Implanon does not affect the result of home pregnancy tests at all. The implanon gives you extra progesterone, one of the hormones produced by your body as part of your normal cycle.
Pregnancy tests test only for a hormone called beta HCG which is produced by the pregnancy (initially the sack and later the foetus/placenta) and not by you at all. Apart from some very rare illnesses nothing produces BHCG apart from a pregnancy.

Modern home tests are exactly the same as ones used in hospital or GP surgeries (and for this reason many GP surgeries don't keep them, they trust their patients to do it). These tests are over 99% accurate as long as they are done at the right time, and if you were pregnant and had been having symptoms for some time you would definitely be at "the right time". It is very very unlikely you are pregnant!

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