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Nnnnnyaargh MIGRAINES

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Joy27 Wed 03-Jun-09 15:24:57

I suffer from migraines, and in the past week they seem to have become more frequent, if milder, than usual. I'm 6 weeks.

Furious interwebbing suggests that I shouldn't take ANY painkillers. I thought one of those natural rub-on stick things- 4Head- would be by lifesaver, but the packet says I can't use that either!

Any advice from pregnancy veterans who have suffered/do suffer with migraines? Is this a normal symptom or just a coincidence? Are they a risk to the pregnancy? Did they get any better as the weeks went on? And how did you get rid of the blasted things?

Would really appreciate any advice [clutches head in despair emoticon]

difficultdecision Wed 03-Jun-09 17:14:39

i get occasional focal migraines (which means about twice a year I have a headaches with vomiting, a gap in my vision and numbness over the side of my face and one hand). During my last pregnancy I had four in 9months so just over double what I would expect. Dark room, full dose paracetamol and a cold flannel on my head seemed to help but I just had to wait them out.

I think if they were more frequent but still severe enough that I couldn't work for example I would have a chat with the GP about pain killers.

Some are absolute no-nos but quite a few are used a lot in pregnancy with very low risk and if I needed them to function I would take them. The problem is that you can't do a scientific trial on anything with pregnant women as it would never get ethical approval so a lot of things come down to "we have no proof it is unsafe and it has been used in a lot of people but we can't give you a 100% guarantee".

Only you know how bad they are and your limit, but if they are very frequent then it may be a case of happy mum-happy baby, take the safest painkillers that work for you (after discussing with your GP). Hope they settle down for you.

slightlyonedgemum Wed 03-Jun-09 17:29:20

According to the London Migraine Clinic, you need 2 triggers to get migraines for example, mine can be sugar related but I'd have to be tired/hungry/stressed/tension in neck as well to get a migraine.

I don't know if this counts with pregnancy but, if it does, then if you can take out the other triggers (if at all possible) you wouldn't get them. This is all theoretical as I've never been pregnant and am already concerned about this before we TTC!

This should help a bit

Jbck Wed 03-Jun-09 17:45:58

I was offered betablockers during pregnancy but as I couldn't take them without quite bad side effects (had them years earlier for thyroid probs) I declined. I'm not sure of thier use in pg but maybe someone else will come along who knows more.

I took one particularly bad cluster that lasted almost a week and they were more severe than I would normally have suffered so I think it's a side effect of pg that if you do suffer they are worse.

Hope they get better soon.

alana39 Wed 03-Jun-09 20:07:56

I probably get a migraine every 2-3 months usually - although years ago when I tried the combined pill had a few at the same time each month, suggesting a hormonal link. Each time I've been pregnant I've had them more frequently in the first trimester, and lasting longer (days not hours) and used one of those cold packs for sports injuries which at least relieved the symptoms a bit. The good news is that in all 3 pregnancies they pretty much stopped after 13 weeks (typical, that's when you can start taking paracetamol).

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