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Joy27 Wed 03-Jun-09 15:24:41

I suffer from migraines, and in the past week they seem to have become more frequent, if milder, than usual. I'm 6 weeks.

Furious interwebbing suggests that I shouldn't take ANY painkillers. I thought one of those natural rub-on stick things- 4Head- would be by lifesaver, but the packet says I can't use that either!

Any advice from pregnancy veterans who have suffered/do suffer with migraines? Is this a normal symptom or just a coincidence? Are they a risk to the pregnancy? Did they get any better as the weeks went on? And how did you get rid of the blasted things?

Would really appreciate any advice [clutches head in despair emoticon]

Joy27 Wed 03-Jun-09 15:27:12

sorry- please see thread with title! blush

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