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ouch! the worst leg cramp!!

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mrswee Wed 03-Jun-09 10:02:25

Last night I got a really severe leg cramp in my calve when I woke up and tried to move my leg.
It passed but then started again instantly as soon as I tried to wiggle my toes!! ( thought that would help!) all on all I cramped up 4 times until I could get still in a good position. The muscle was in spasum after eac cramp.
It was the most painful cramp I have ever had and my first time in pregnancy.

I am hobbling around the house now that I am up because I was unable to stretch out of the cramp last night! The muscle seems so tight!

Tips anyone??

I would love to rub arnica on it but I'm not sure I can in pregnancy?

Gorionine Wed 03-Jun-09 10:08:13

When I was waking up screaming with pain in the middle of the night, DH woulf apply pressurepressure on the sole of my foot, as to push my toes towards my shin (while your leg is straight) IYSWIM.

When DH was not there I was trying to do the same, using the wall instead of his hand.

<<So wishes she could draw it as it really helped>>

I do not know about arnica, I was told to eat bananas but cannot remember whyblush

Gorionine Wed 03-Jun-09 10:08:52


Poledra Wed 03-Jun-09 10:11:42

Bananas are high in potassium, lack of which may cause the cramps, IIRC. I remember once getting out of our (high) bed when very pg with DD1, and getting cramps in both shins. DH had gone to work. There I am, leaning back on my elbows with both legs cramping badly and completely unable to get back on the bed....... eventually forced myself to flatten me feet on the floor and straighten my legs. It hurts, but it's the only way I found to work out the cramp.

Queenoftheharpies Wed 03-Jun-09 11:29:41

I've had loads of cramp in my calf this week. It's agony but you just have to flex your foot to stretch it out.

If you still feel tightness in the muscles next day, try self massage with a tennis ball - I found it really helps. Put the ball on the floor and rest your leg on it, supporting your weight on your hands, then sort of wiggle about.

It looks pretty silly, but it works.

pippa251 Wed 03-Jun-09 11:37:30

Also if you streatch your calves before you go to bed it may help prevent cramp

Naetha Wed 03-Jun-09 11:56:01

I'll second bananas and milk

muffle Wed 03-Jun-09 12:00:43

Make a hot water bottle before bed (even in summer!), keep it handy, and when you get cramp, apply warmth - this helped mine most. The day after, keep the leg wrapped up in a long, warm sock.

I was also advised to have crisps, tonic water and bananas - tbh they made little difference though.

One of mine was soooooo bad, it made labour pains look like a walk in the park. I was screaming, I have never known pain like it.

Gorionine Thu 04-Jun-09 09:27:49

Muffle, I felt the same as WRT pain, especially when having a cramp while pushing DS3 out! OUCH!!!!!

Carial Thu 04-Jun-09 10:00:50

This is my first post, found this thread as I was looking for stuff about cramps as had AWFUL cramp during the night. I've read that standing on a cold surface can help and flexing your foot; apparently you should never point your toes as this will make it much worse.

CarmenSanDiego Thu 04-Jun-09 10:09:47

Banana and milk before bed is great, and I found pressing hard with my foot against the bed was agony for a second but stopped the pain quickly. Ow, I feel for you!

mrswee Thu 04-Jun-09 15:44:58

Hi everone

thanks for all your replys! really helpful!

I made myself a banana milk shake before bed last night and streched my legs and had no cramps. I'm going to do the same every night, as long as I can stomach the milk shakes, until my baby is born!

I may not totally take away the cramps every night I guess but I am hoping at least it may make them not as severe because the ones I had the other night were so bad that it seemed compleatly impossible to straighten my leg or move my foot never mind get out of bed and stand. It was sore all day yesterday too but better now smile

I probably am lacking a bit in calcium as I have only been having lots milk on my cereal and maybe a little cheese every day or some ice cream a couple of times a week but it doesn't add up to the reconmended levels a day..... so banana milk shakes it is!!

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