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Anybody had a reaction to their anti-D injection?

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makipuppy Tue 02-Jun-09 16:02:55

I had mine about midday at the doctor's, got home and started to feel a bit ill. Of course it could be unrelated but I wondered if anyone else had had the same thing..

lolianja Tue 02-Jun-09 16:06:32

I got a sort of groggy headache after my first one. It lasted until I went to sleep that evening and was gone in the morning. I assumed it was unrelated but I had (indeed have) no real knowledge of anti-D side effects etc.

Sorry, that may take the gold medal for least helpful post ever. blush

cazinski Tue 02-Jun-09 17:45:40

I had my anti D injection yesterday too-and although I kept waiting to feel ill...nothing unusual happened. All the same I used it as an excuse to lie on the sofa all afternoon, just in case!

Sorry, that was pretty useless too, eh?

slushy06 Tue 02-Jun-09 17:56:44

When I had anti d mw said it can make you feel ill and made me have someone to take me home. She also made me wait 30 mins before I was allowed home then asked if I felt ok. I lied blush. But yes I had a reaction too.

makipuppy Tue 02-Jun-09 18:05:48

That's really interesting, thanks to all of you.

I've taken Cazinski's advice and reclined on the sofa grin

Good to know I'm not going imagining it.

The nurse didn't say anything about feeling ill - although she did rub the site (my bottom blush) vigorously for several minutes to stop me getting a boil, apparently, unless I misunderstood - I'm pregnant in a foreign language so a lot is going over my head...

madmissy Tue 02-Jun-09 18:29:11

with dd1 and dd2 it made me really sick not looking forward to them i have to say lol

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