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silly pineapple eating question- sorry!

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mrswee Mon 01-Jun-09 20:07:05

Can I eat fresh pineapple while I'm Pregnant, do anyone know?

I have tried to look it up and got lots of conflicting advice!

I only thought of this because some people advise to eat pineapple to bring on labour when you are due.... I'm only 23 weeks so obviously don't want that!

I have a lovely looking pineapple in the fruit bowl and could do with eating more fruit right now!


mad4myboys Mon 01-Jun-09 20:10:46

yes! You have to eat something crazy like 8 whole pineapples a day for it to have labour effect! There is something in pineapple that sets it off BUT you have to have loads!! Didnt stop me eating lots of it at end of my pgs!!

thisisyesterday Mon 01-Jun-09 20:11:08

yes, you can.

Kerrymate Mon 01-Jun-09 20:20:56

I had a major craving for pineapple when I was pregnant and ate mountians of the stuff - my baby was 8 days late in the end - so dont worry - dig in!!

mrswee Mon 01-Jun-09 20:37:56

good.. I'm glad!

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