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Baby kicks, please explain!

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greenbug Sun 08-May-05 14:51:14

Hello all,

First pregnancy here and at 19 weeks i think i started feeling the baby move. but it doesn't happen all the time, once or twice a day if i am lucky. What is the pattern? it hasn't happened yet today and I am already paranoyd.... could someone more experienced explain the baby movements to me.


Gillian76 Sun 08-May-05 14:53:55

All of mine were differnt, greenbug. Any time of day or night, sometimes little flutters but as they got bigger, definite kicks and prods! As long as you are feeling little flutters from time to time, I'd say that's fine at this stage

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 14:59:21

I think if you're only feeling one or two a day then it's because you're only feeling the big somersaults - I'm pretty sure I didn't feel kicks at all till after 20 weeks.

it'll be fine. in a few weeks you'll start seeing elbows and feet in your belly - it's really weird.

AnotherHelen Sun 08-May-05 15:27:48

Hiya greenbug! try not to worry, those first movements can be very random, this is my 3rd pregnancy and i have been feeling movements now for only a couple of weeks (i am 20 weeks now) i spent all day yesterday convinced there was something wrong as i had not felt baby move at all! i have an elephant-sized cold and so resorted to popping some paracetamols to help with my exploding head, and so convinced myself i had hurt my baby with them, never felt any movements at all from late friday night until last night was about to call someone and start proper panicking ( you'd think with the third you'd be more sensible about things aye!) but then since 6 am this morning all the little monkey has done is shove me as hard as possible none stop! so obviously i am relieved, but it just shows that sometimes its not always cause for concern! some lovley lady on here told me if baby is facing your back and kicking you there (towards your spine/back) you wont feel it, so even though he/she is moving possibly kicking the hell out of you, you probably wont feel it and start worrying! that would explain alot i think, and hopefully stop you worrying a little next time you havent felt anything for a while! hope this helps abit!! Helen xxxx

Rochwen Sun 08-May-05 16:44:14

I felt mine from week 16/17 onwards, which apparently is very early (close friend only felt hers after 20 wks). Initially it felt like a wee mouse was running along in my belly, or a gas bubble. Like you I only felt it very very occasionally. Once I hit 20/21 weeks the movements became stronger, sometimes feeling like someone pinged me with a rubberband from the inside, and settled into more a pattern. Now, at 26/27 weeks I can feel the difference between her turning, squirming or kicking and she usually does it about 15 mins after I've eaten something or as soon as I lie down somewhere and rest. She's more active when I'm quiet.

Here's a little experiment for you to try (a good friend told me about it when I was just starting to feel the movements). Have a warm milk with lots and lots and lots honey and then lie down in a quiet room. I bet your little one will start to move within about 20 mins. This little trick always worked for me ! But do remember that your wee ones movements are so small right now that you don't ALWAYS feel them.

...and regarding the paranoid bit, well I'm exactely the same.

Good Luck !

kbaby Sun 08-May-05 19:38:48

hi i only really started to feel proper kicks at 20 weeks. Even then it wasnt every day. The thing I found that helped was to lie down and prop a book on my belly. Sometimes the book would move with a kick that I didnt even feel.

greenbug Mon 09-May-05 21:51:52

Hiya Ladies,

Thank you for putting my mind at ease. AnotherHelen, I also have the worst cold ever but have been trying to avoid paracetamol (first pregnancy it's like walking barefoot in the dark).
I think I felt the baby again last night while lying in bed. Rochwen, I'll try your method as well.
After 20 weeks is there a pattern that the baby falls into? you can tell when it sleeps and when it's awake?

starlover Mon 09-May-05 21:52:35

yeah they sleep during the day and kick you to death at night!

Katemum Mon 09-May-05 21:57:45

Agree with Starlover! As the baby gets bigger and you start to feel more of the kicks you will find that there are quiet times, usually when you are walking around or busy, and there are times when they want to kick the life out of you, usually just as you are trying to fall asleep after a long hard day.

Nat777 Tue 10-May-05 12:58:20

I agree entirely, I am at 26 weeks and she has settled into a real routine and normally wakes up and moves around at the same times each day.

She likes me to be relaxed and quiet when she moves around, so if I am having a hetic day I often dont feel her. But she will wake the moment I lay down! I have now found that I can wake her up by gently rubbing/patting my tummy. But I have only been able to do this in the last 4weeks or so.

starlover Tue 10-May-05 13:08:48

apaprently they reckon that while you are up and about the rocking motion soothes baby.
when you lie down to have a rest the motion stops and baby wakes up!

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