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Should I be worried...?

(8 Posts)
xkyliex Mon 01-Jun-09 12:05:51

My periods are usually always regular but last month I was a week late then when I was on I just had light bleeding lasting 2 days and was on and off for the 2 days...Then this month I was a week early for my period which was once again lighter than normal and only lasted a day and a half. Usually I am always on time every month and periods are really heavy lasting 5 days. I also experience really bad cramp and sore boobs before I'm due to have a period and for my first day cramp is usually unreal. For the last two periods i've had i havent experienced any cramp what so ever! I also read before that coldsores are common during pregnancy and I have recently just gotten rid of one and I'm constantly tired ... help pleaseeeee :-(

bethoo Mon 01-Jun-09 12:07:34

take a test

wrinklytum Mon 01-Jun-09 12:08:25

Have you done a pregnancy test?

xkyliex Mon 01-Jun-09 12:10:20

Nope ... I know i need to but I've been in complete denial thinking it will sort itself out and thinking if I was pregnant that I wouldn't be having a period at all ... stupid I know

bethoo Mon 01-Jun-09 12:13:10

you are prob not pregnant then, jsutthat your cycle is changing. my periods used to be very heavy and over time they have become lighter and shorter.

butthen saying that i am pregnatn now yet just finished a heavy three week bleed so thought i miscarried as i took a test after the bleed. heaven knows why i actually tested! thought my period was just late!! i guess that a part of you just knows there is life inside you! smile

xkyliex Mon 01-Jun-09 12:18:19

I'm hoping your right and that my cycle is changing, I do prefer these recent periods alot more just worried why after 6 years of having exactly the same periods it has changed...

Kaylo Mon 01-Jun-09 12:24:25

I'd take a test anyway to put your mind at rest because it doesn't matter what we say here...each persons body is different and if you feel like somethings different then there probably is.


xkyliex Mon 01-Jun-09 12:25:42

There's deffinately something different, I think your right, it will put my mind at ease if I do a test, thanks xx

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