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Fab and Forty, Blooming, Popping, Popped or working on it .... join us

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BonzoDoodah Mon 01-Jun-09 10:01:52

Hi All
If you're over "that age" and want to chat to similar mums - join us here for gossip, slander, oggling, dieting, cake, chocolate and more ... get on here and join in hte gossip .. we don't hang round ...

johnworf Mon 01-Jun-09 10:13:49

Well done new thread virgin bonzo wink

ermintrude13 Mon 01-Jun-09 10:29:12

Well done Bonzo for new thread. I got pains like 'stitch' when you've been running the other night, in both sides of my bump, and I certainly hadn't been running grin. I think it's all stretchy ligaments and stuff but if it persists do check it out.

JW poor little K, glad the HV is coming today and can advise. And hope that puke smell doesn't linger too long in the car - depends on your upholstery.

Neddie that's terrible about your friend. Since her parents have offered to repay the stolen cash, I hope you're accepting the offer - it sounds like they're used to this sort of behaviour and although they shouldn't have to carry the can you certainly don't need to. It's always awful when your trust is abused by people you consider your friends sad

Morning everyone else, enjoy the sun. I've got a MW appt this afternoon but apart from that plan to do very very little except read in the sun grin

johnworf Mon 01-Jun-09 11:11:21

Sounds like a plan ermintrude. smile

Think I've got the times written down incorrectly in my diary as HV is actually doing a clinic at 10am so think it must be 2pm instead. Gives me a chance to catch up.......having a sit down! OOOh so bloomin' lazy I am. Actually, the early night has set me in good stead today and feel like I've caught up on some zzzzzz.

Reading between the lines re Subo (as the papers have nicknamed her), I think she's been sectioned. I can't see otherwise why you would be detained under the mental health act for 'emotional breakdown'. I said a few posts back that I hoped she didn't win as thought it would be the end of her emotionally. Didn't think that coming second would do the job. Think she's prolly gone into meltdown with all the pressure but no idea why the police got involved unless she was threatening to harm herself.

News of Charlotte Church splitting up is denied. That means they'll split up in about 3 weeks time like the Price/Andre saga. Shame if they do as two LO's involved there. Talking of which, see that the Price/Andres will be getting a quickie 6 week divorce. I want to know how you get one of these out of interest. I've been divorced and it took months even when it wasn't contested by either party. Btw, just to clarify, I'm not thinking of getting divorced I'm just curious as to how these 'celebs' manage to work the legal system to their advantage.

Was very saddened by the pics of Jack Tweed photographed at Jade Goody's grave y'day. Convenient that a photographer was there wasn't it? hmm

duchesse Mon 01-Jun-09 11:35:34

new thread...shiny!

sleeping badly, too hot and baby kicking me painfully in the kidneys through the night. no work, and too much weeding to do... ho-hum.

BonzoDoodah Mon 01-Jun-09 11:58:19

Dratted typo in the first post ... grrrr.

Fingers crossed for the Tab Baby today eh ....

Tee2072 Mon 01-Jun-09 12:10:15

Well done on new thread bonzo!

Had my retail therapy. Mostly bought shampoo and such at Boots, but did buy DH his first ever 'world's best Daddy' mug! Very convenient that the baby will be here just around Father's Day!

Not getting a ton of kicks here, but very amused by what I think is a small bottom wiggling along above my belly button! Its a bit alien like!

JW hope K's feeling better today. Poor mite.

iris66 Mon 01-Jun-09 12:12:44

just bookmarking the new thread (well done Bonzodoodah grin)

just got back from the shops to take back the cardi and I got a full refund YAY!!!!grin bought the boys new sandals so wiped out the refund somewhat but hey, I'm richer than I was when I went wink

jw last few hours of freedom??hmm not me hon - still a few weeks to go unfortunately.

Hope Tab is resting with her feet up now. Did she say her DH was going to let us know?

johnworf Mon 01-Jun-09 12:38:44

Sorry iris Must have got you mixed up with tabitha. Blame it on lack of sleep wink D'oh!

Glad you got the cardi sorted out though and bonus that the boys are sorted now instead. smile I think that tabitha said her DH would let us know...or did I dream that part up? hmm

Glad you managed a last drive by shop at Boots tee grin

Just catching up on cleaning while K is asleep on our bed hmm No idea why DH keeps putting her there anyway........I wanted to ask...Now she can roll over, she prefers to sleep on her front. I'm not really too worried as a) she's older now and b) I had 3 older babies who always slept on their fronts (it was 'safe' to do so at the time according to those in the know). What I was wondering was, should I be actively encouraging her to sleep on her back as it's considered safer? I doubt I'll have any luck doing so if it is the case as she's really happy on her front but what do you ladies think? Do any other mums on here have babies that prefer their fronts?

ermintrude13 Mon 01-Jun-09 12:46:13

JW as soon as mine could roll over they got onto their fronts, and my mum put all six of us straight onto our fronts, as they did in the Olden Days grin.

The cot death link is v tenuous, although I can see why the advice is given. My ma says that if a tiny baby without much neck control is on its back and vomits it's much more of a choking hazard than if it was on its front. Cheery woman, my mother hmm. But most healthy babes are able to turn their heads with ease very early on. I reckon that if a LO is capable of rolling, it's pointless trhing to make them lie one way or another.

Iris glad you got your refund, that's a relief.

Bonzo meant to say, lovely 4-D scan smile

Duchesse and Tee the wiggly baby is reassuring but they can't half stab you in the ribs/fanny/kidneys. It's the 5am dancing on my bladder routine that worries me in the long term hmm.

duchesse Mon 01-Jun-09 12:50:48

jw I have this theory that we all prefer to sleep in the way we got used to when we were first born (hence why practically everone I know of my age prefers to sleep on their front). Did the NICU put K on her front a lot? Because that could explain why she naturally reverts to that position.

ermintrude13 Mon 01-Jun-09 12:52:20

BTW, there's only one baby so far on the June thread - he was due 1 June but mum was induced last week for some reason I can't remember and ended up having EC under GA but both are fine and dandy. But that's it, despite due dates being spread across the whole months! Surely, statistically, it must mean that Tee and me have to be early! (she says hopefully).

duchesse Mon 01-Jun-09 12:58:00

Gosh, ermintrude, that's unusual! When's full moon? They'll start popping in style then!

The August thread has already had its first birth (very early), and there were a fair few early births in the antenatal threads for the last few months [nosey parker emoticon].

Tee2072 Mon 01-Jun-09 12:59:14

ermintrude there's 2 now! Effie has had hers as well!

It is odd how not one June baby has been earlier than about a week before due date!

JW I think once they can turn over? They can sleep however they want! I always understood the issue to be that if they are put down on their tummies and get something stuck in front of their faces, they can't move enough to let themselves breathe. But if they are putting themselves on their tummies, then obviously they can move if they can't breathe!

duchesse Mon 01-Jun-09 13:02:56

Gosh, have just peeked at your June thread Tee and seen how few are one it compared to the August one! We have nearly 100 on ours!

jeanjeannie Mon 01-Jun-09 13:12:03

HELLO ALL! We're back! Gosh - new thread already - thanks Bonzo smile

Had a lovely time in Notts - weather glorious and the girls were in the garden permantly! - i even got in some kip during the day shock

Not had time to read everything but neddie shock Gosh - how shocking. Are you sure he's not up for being sectioned? Sounds a lot like a former friend who everyone thought was just odd but there was a heck lot more going on. I'm pleased you've got the police involved and they're taking it seriously. Sounds to me like this person is in a real mess. So long as you/family/horses etc are all ok - the rest can be replaced. (((((hugs)))) x

tab how exciting!!!!! Can't wait to hear the patter of tiny feetsmile

jw I wonder if it's the heat combined with teeth in addition to just feeling a bit rubbish? Just that the heat can really play havoc with the skin and make LOs much more listless than usual. Poor thing sad Mucho thanky for the card - Verity was stroking the sheep's head this morning grin

Well - poor old Susan Boyle. Sounds to me like a tad of sectioning going on too. You could really tell something wasn't quite right sad

Took Iris to the speech therapist today - very interesting. By sheer fluke she works in partnership with the paediatrician coming to assess her on Thurs. Her gut feeling was that Iris was not showing ASD/AD/ADD (etc) signs. She also said it was "utter rot" and made her furious that HVs were saying that non-pointing and echolalia (repeating words after you've said them - seconds or hours later)meant that LOs were definately ASD of some description. We have got a block of 6 sessions to be booked and then wait to see if the paediatrician's thoughts match hers. We'll keep you posted!

BonzoDoodah Mon 01-Jun-09 13:14:05

Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ermintrude. Someone hs to be early don't they ...
Stretchy thing sounds the same - it really hurt - but it's gone today. Now I'm having that jumping you described. I'm almost wondering if it is turning round - the sensation is eye-wateringly weird. All sorts of things passing across my stomach. People at work are giving me funny looks as I keep gasping. At least it's moving today!

jw Matilda sleeps on her stomach - well on her knees and face - a lot of the time. I heard someone else asking the Health visitor and they said once your baby can turn themselves there's no point in fretting which way they lie because they're going to move back again as soon as you leave the room. As long as she's not got her head buried in something soft I really wouldn't worry. And as you say - you had 3 others who all slept on their fronts anyway.

I read that the critical point in SIDS was around 6 months when the baby's throat structure changes slightly (as baby goes from milk to solids) - the epiglotis moves or something and it is during this change-over time that sleeping on their back makes a real difference (due to some breathing change or swallowing difficulty that some babies have at this time). Of course I cannot find any reference of this now I'm looking for it again..... [looks again] .... Although if you look up Disphagia it seems to be what I'm talking about - a problem with swallowing. Which is another reason why they think sleeping with a dummy can help prevent it - baby is sucking and swallowing more in their sleep. [lesson over sorry blush]

Tee2072 Mon 01-Jun-09 13:18:02

duchesse there are actually about twice that many, but there were so many that never post that we culled down to those of us who actually do post! If someone comes back to say hi, we try to add them back in.

OOF! So much for no big kicks! grin

heron22 Mon 01-Jun-09 13:20:32

i agree with tee about the sleeping on front. once they are able to roll over, it is fine.

love the new thread

ermintrude13 Mon 01-Jun-09 13:22:38

ooh yes, just seen your msg on june thread tee thanks. sounded like they needed to get that baby out!

iris66 Mon 01-Jun-09 13:33:07

duchesse - next full moon's on monday grin ermintrude - you ready? wink

johnworf Mon 01-Jun-09 13:48:15

Afternoon ladies.

Glad that you all agree that sleeping on fronts poses no harm. She didn't particularly sleep on her front in NICU as they turn them every 4 hours (until they're done?) so they don't develop pressure sores/flat head. I think she always preferred the front though.

JJ glad you're back in one piece and had a nice time. Pants re the HV. I've mine due any minute for my half hour of scaring me (won't work) so must dash but will post when I have her verdict on all the things wrong with K hmm

johnworf Mon 01-Jun-09 15:52:22

Ok, HV just gone after being here 1.5 hours hmm Everything is just fine and dandy with K. No worries at all smile Not even the sitting up. She said some babies are just like that and that K could support herself with help and back was straight etc so no worries. Fine motor skills bang on target for 8 months. grin Just got the booster jabs on Weds and the consultant appointment beforehand and then we're on the home straight.

Oh, had a long chat with HV re the MMR jabs. Can't believe really that I was fretting. I forgot that I had 2/3 of the older ones done and didn't even blink and eye. They'll be done at end of this month.

JJ very sad to hear that your HV hasn't been so helpful unless you count putting everyone in a panic. Glad to hear that there's nowt wrong with iris smile Hope the consultant appointments match.

mrsboogie Mon 01-Jun-09 16:31:41

afternoon all

Great news jw - of course she's fine - she'll probably make up for the sitting by being a flier at something else. Good to hear you are reassured re the MMR also. I can't wait to get D's done as I would hate for him to get measles.

jj good news on the therapist front - sounds v promising for you too. One less thing to worry about!

Hope K is feeling better jw - D was quite whingy and grumpy all day yesterday which is very unlike him unless there is teeth involved. And hungry? my god he is downing bottles every 2 hrs at the mo. He had three feeds in the night last night. Three! shock

shock @ hedgepig and her last summer off 'til retirement! you make it sound like a life sentence!gringrin I will be working till I am seventy I reckon. One of my friends who is a civil servant takes the whole summer off (and this is Ireland - much longer school hols) every year to look after her daughter.. I think she gets paid at a reduced level all year round to cover the unpaid leave in the summer. But she is off from last Friday until 1 September!! I am so envy envy

jeanjeannie Mon 01-Jun-09 16:34:30

jw that's brilliant news grin Verity's got her jabs tomorrow but not had the MMR one through yet.

Sounds like your HV is more clued up than some of mine. I think it's the lack of continuity here - and quite frankly, it seems to me that many of them just regurgitate bits of seminars they've been too hmm Yes, fingers crossed for the consultant. I posted on special needs a few weeks ago about speech problems and it seems it's quite normal for LOs to get lumped into the ASD scare before a diagnosis has been made angry Some nice people on the thread have made some good suggestions re: books to help with dialogue so I'll probably have a look on Amazon tonight!

Talking of sleeping on the front - Iris always did and learned to roll really quickly. Verity has always hated it - still can't roll over, still can't crawl. Wouldn't be surprised if there is something in it.

We've got the fan on full blast. Iris is in a foul mood - still tired and Verity

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