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Antihistamine bite creams - yes or no?

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shoesies Sun 31-May-09 16:18:08

I was enjoying the sunny weather until I got bitten by mozzies all over my legs last night. I always react quite strongly to bites and as a result they are a bit swollen, very itchy and extremely annoying! angry
I know oral antihistamines are a no-go but does anyone know if you can use the bite creams? My local pharmacist is closed....! General consensus on web is steer clear, anyone know for sure? (I'm now in second trimester)


Thandeka Sun 31-May-09 17:57:47

Pharmacist in Thailand told me topical antihistamine is okay but then I went on to MMC so sounds daft but i wouldn't do it again. NHS direct told me loratidine (oral) was safe in pregnancy.

My advice phone NHS direct they will have the definitive answer.

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