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nipples question sorry if TMI

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Umm feel slightly embarassed by asking blush but hey this is pregnancy forum and i have a question smile

Im 6+2 today (we think anyway till we have scan!) and along with normal symptoms, i just looked at my boobs (do this every day for changes, sad i know but i like to know whats happening!)smile.

Is it normal to have white spot type things on my nipple? Just wondered as i really want to breastfeed my bubs and so need to know everything is as ok as they can be.
Thanks and sorry if it comes across as a stupid questions just this is my first pg since my MC last month.
Thanks! hmm

juneybean Sun 31-May-09 15:45:32

I believe they are normal, sort of like milk spots? (I could be wrong though!)

Longtalljosie Sun 31-May-09 15:47:43

They could be your Montgomery's tubercles? Little spots on your nipples? Do a Google image search and see what you think... they often enlarge in early pregnancy

oh thanks guys looks like thats it then, gosh seems far to early to have this, my boobs will be so diff at this rate! hey ho be worth it in the end! smile


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