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A dads view

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Sols1 Sun 31-May-09 08:43:14

My wife often looks at this site and is always raving about it.
Sitting here with her having a morning coffee it is very interesting and brings home all the numerous issues that mums have to deal with. Us dads do get an easy ride in comparison.

Not surprisingly there does not seem to be much reference to dads and having completed the NCT ante natal class that was the same.

We have come across a site for dads which deals with things from a dads point of view. Having had a few difficulties our end the miscarriage article was very good to read. It helped us put things in perspective and my wife better understood my side of things. Hopefully that will not happen to those reading this but we found it useful.It has lots of other stuff that I found of interest and useful to.

Great site.I suspect I will be confined to top gear in the future!

Dalrymps Sun 31-May-09 08:53:07

Interesting, my Dh might like this site, i'll direct him! Can you link the miscarriage article? I tried to search on the site but wasn't sure which one it was and would be interested to read it smile

Sols1 Sun 31-May-09 08:55:24

I will have a go.

Dalrymps Sun 31-May-09 08:56:05

Thanks grin

Sols1 Sun 31-May-09 09:00:27

I have failed but it is under pregnancy and is the final article on that page miscarriage.I will see if I can link it and post it later.

Dalrymps Sun 31-May-09 09:04:07

Thats ok, will go and have another look...

makipuppy Sun 31-May-09 13:14:38

Trying to get Dad to spend LESS time on the computer actually... grin

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