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i'm too paranoid

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bubbles2904 Sat 07-May-05 04:52:18

please help me someone, i think i'm going mad. it's 4 47 am and i am awake again, i'm scared i'm going to push my partner away with my jealousy. i keep having dreams about him having a affair with a woman that works in our local, he goes in daily and if i walk in she walks away instantly. i've spoken to him about this and he says that it's just my hormones. i know he's probably right but i'm worried i'll lose my child and him if i carry on, i'm so stressed all the time, i'm 23 weeks but never once felt this way during or after my first pregnancy. please tell me this is normal and will pass......

Louise1980 Sat 07-May-05 07:21:27

Def normal!! Well it was for me through 2nd pg. I did drive my x away though. I never hav any idea who he was with just one day he said he wanted to stay at his brothers new house. He hadnt moved in, no furniture, no power. Now correct me if Im wrong but isnt that a bit odd? Needless to say we argued and hey presto he left. Actually best thing I ever did!!!

AngelCakeUmm Sat 07-May-05 08:48:24

Bubbles its Noral well was for me with my first pregnancy! I used to accuse dp of having affairs with people and i used to have really horrible dreams about him and all sorts of women!
I found out yesterday i am pregs with number 2 and i am already scared as i have been having bad dreams a couple of times and also accused dp that he was about to have an affair with his driving instructor but luckily he passed his test on wednesday otherwise i probably would have gone mad!

Does your partner have to go to the local every night?
I don't think it sounds like hes having an affair try to get it out of your head as it does put strane on you

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