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Did u go ova with ur first baba??? how long and was it natural labour???

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shellmc Mon 25-May-09 10:58:47

Hiya ladies,

Been posting on ere alot recently, but just wondering how many ov you went over your due date with ur first baby??? And how far over???
Did u eventually go into labour yourself or did it end in induction ect??

Im not that far over but the fact im over is just making me wonder.
I was due last thursday 21st soo im now 40+4 i have ad few niggley pains on and off all week but no show or no waters breaking.
Just curious to see just how many ov u went over. Im really hoping baby will decide to come soon as i wud really like to avoid sweeps and inductions ect.

Thanks shell xxx

Penthesileia Mon 25-May-09 11:11:43

I was 40+5. I'd been booked for a sweep at 41 weeks.

No niggles or pains at all (other than BH, which I'd been having for ages).

Then on the morning when I was 40+4, I had a little leak of fluid (hindwater, in retrospect, I think). But then, still nothing.

Then that night, at 3am, whoosh! Complete breaking of waters! Period-like pains then followed. I went back to bed, and called the MW the next morning at about 9am when the contractions were 3 mins apart.

DD born at home that afternoon.

Good luck! I hope your LO makes an appearance soon. smile

skinnyontheinside Mon 25-May-09 11:12:09

dd was born at 38 weeks.

I didnt have a show untill I was in labour and my waters broke about half an hour before she was born.

Ninjacat Mon 25-May-09 12:28:03

DS born at 42wks. Went into labour the day I was due to be induced. 20hrs labour

ruddynorah Mon 25-May-09 12:30:55

8 days over with dd. midwife wanted to do a sweep on my due date. i refused. she kept pushing me to have one, i still refused. went into labour naturally in the middle of the night. no niggles etc, just felt a pop when waters west, and contractions started straight away. she was born 27 hours later.

ilovetochat Mon 25-May-09 12:31:31

40+4, waters were broken as dd was born, show after 20 hours labour, contractions were the first sign slowly building up. good luck.

TheProvincialLady Mon 25-May-09 12:36:18

DS1 20 days over (refused induction) - he was in a bad position I think. All the sweep did was give me lots of niggles for 2 days and tire me out for the real thing. Not good. I did go into labour naturally eventually and I think the sweep made it worse.

DS1 4 days early, no real niggles just started one night.

Can I point out in the nicest possible way that we don't really do text speak on MN, so if you want lots of replies to your posts it might be best to avoid it, especially in your thread title. Best of lucksmile

shelleylou Mon 25-May-09 12:38:08

i was 40+3. Was booked in for a sweep at 41 weeks. I didnt have a show or waters breaking. Just straight to contractions got to 2 minutes apart really quickly. Waters ended up being broken by MW just before ds was born

shellmc Mon 25-May-09 12:43:26

Thankyou for all your lovley comments!!

It just shows that you can still have a natural labour even if you do go over your date, i was panicing with it being my first that its just not gonna happen now and im gonna have to be induced.

Its reasurring to know, Thanks soo much.

Sorry about the text talk, i will try and avoid it in my future posts. :-)


TheProvincialLady Mon 25-May-09 15:44:20

A LOT can happen in ten days so you have nothing to worry about. I think the majority of first babies are 'late' - I know that loads of my friends had theirs around 40+10. The waiting is so hard but it will be worth it in the end.

VJaybigpants Mon 25-May-09 18:12:35

Ds was born at 42+4!!!I was induced and it finally worked on the 3rd lot of gel. Not the best story I know, but all was fine in the end smile

shellmc Mon 25-May-09 18:22:37

Ohh i am soo pleased to hear from you all, soo its not as bad as i thort, it is common to go over.
I have been looking on the net most of today and it does say babies are more likley to be born between 38-42 weeks i just got myself worked up coz iv gone ova i expected baby to be here on THAT exact date LOL.
I love to hear other peoples experiences soo thankyou xx :-)

shellmc Tue 26-May-09 12:38:01

Still no sign ov baby!! 40+5 today a friend recommended raspberry leaf tea, so been and got sum this morning, had one cup not as bad as i thought!!
Im relaxing all i can and just praying baby will be here soon.


TamTam29 Tue 26-May-09 20:44:57

They will come when they are ready - I wish our medical service wasnt so fixated on EDD!

Ds was 16 days late, had 2 sweeps and he was finally induced after having to wait a couple of days for a bed as hospital was so busy!

However, i was always 2 weeks small for dates, have long period cycle 35+ days, and DS was a boy, and first born baby: all factors which can effect the gestation period. In most other european countries , you are not even considered overdue till you have passed 42 weeks!

From when they started induction to when DS was placed in my arms was under 12 hours, I think that is quite short for first time baby, with induction and epidural - nowhere near as awful as the stories you here!

I am due tomorrow and although very uncomfortable and have been ready for weeks, i am happy to let nature take its course.

- although I am booked in for a sweep next week. A sweep is uncomfortable but if baby is nearly ready then it will give them a gentle nudge and you may avoid having the gell, which I think is supposed to be the worst part of an induction.

Also looking back for a 1st time mum an induction did make labour slightly ?? want to say easier but thats not the word - reassuring maybe, you are given a time & date to go to hospital, no wondering shall i go in yet? and you are monitered constantly so you always have a midwife in the room with you.

fingers crossed for us both!

pookamoo Tue 26-May-09 20:50:37

I went 14 days over and labour started naturally on day 14, baby arrived day 15 though... !

shellmc Tue 26-May-09 21:42:46

Thanks tam tam and gud luck to you 2 hun.

I know EDD isnt always right and to be honest my periods were all the place so not sure how long my cycle wud av actually been, i only came off the pill on 11th august last year had my first period on the 15th and knew i was pregnant by the 13th sept, so no idea wer i wud av been in my cycle.

Hiya pookamoo it just goes to show evan 2 weeks over well 42 weeks and labour can still start naturally that is reasurring to hear. Thankyou xxxx

slushy06 Fri 29-May-09 12:12:43

Shell just wondering how you are getting on. Has there been any change or are you still stuck in limbo.

AnathemaDevice Fri 29-May-09 13:26:31

I went into labour the evening before I was due to be induced, at 40+13. I was convinced by that point that it was all a mistake and there wasn't a baby in there, I'd just got fat! I had been having some Braxton-Hicks a few days before, but nothing on the day. Contractions started at 7pm, DS was born at 1.54am, just under 7 hours, which is quite impressive for a first baby! I put that down to the raspberry leaf tea and capsules I'd been taking since 34 weeks.
hope you don't go as overdue as I did, the last few days are horrible, aren't they? Good luck!

shellmc Fri 29-May-09 15:42:48

Hiya all,
Just a little update, had a terrible night last night, had a constant pain in my lower back right around into lower abdo yesterday afternoon, i rang del suite mw sed she thinks baby had moved into right position and that is probably what im feeling!!
Had a relaxing night, well untill i went to bed, couldnt sleep bad period crampy pain, i was awake every hour tru night with the pain coming and going, got up this morning had a nice bath which eased pain a little.

I was booked in for a sweep at 9.30 this morning soo we went up i just sed to mw can u just do something as iv now had pains on and off for 11 days, she done the sweep which was a little uncomfy but not 2 bad, she said that i am 2cm dialated and that my cervix has shortend which is a gud sign!!! :-)
I felt sssooooo much better hearing this as i know that something has actually been happening!!!! She sed she could feel the bag ov waters, and has given me 48hrs to see if labour starts, if not im booked in between 8-9am on sunday to go and be set off via pessiery.
I feel better to know my body has started to dialate on its own, and im still hoping that labour will start before sunday.
Anyhow sorry to waffle on abit. Any one got any experience from sweeps??? Did they work for you?? How long did it take??? xxxx
Thanks Shell

slushy06 Fri 29-May-09 20:36:55

shell good news that you are already 2 cms 20 hours of my labour was getting to 2 cm then 2 1/2 to 3 cm Then I went to 10 in an hour so for me getting to two cms was worst bit. So you might have a short labor. Have you tried nipple stimulation alot of mw in America swear by it. You have to do it for a hour or two.

jstock Sat 30-May-09 08:57:58

That's fantastic news shell, this time next week you'll have little one in your arms. As you well know i went over by 3 days which felt like a lifetime as I had convinced myself he would be early. I'm thinking of you and good luck, i'm so excited for you x x

shellmc Sat 30-May-09 14:31:14

hi slushy!!
Yeh i am soo pleased that i am already 2cms, obv the past 2 weeks ov pains and twinges have all been for a reason, had the sweep yesterday soo only got today and tonight to see if labour will start on its own, FINGERS CROSSED!!!
If not im up at hosp between 8-9am to have a pessery not looking forward to that but if its needed then its needed.
Any one had any experience with pesserys???
Im hoping i wont have a long labour, i would rather go on my own before tomorrow as i can stay at home as long as poss, if i go in 2morra iv to stay in to be monitored ect.
Well hope you are all keeping well xxx

shellmc Sat 30-May-09 14:35:05

Hiya jstock!!
:-) Its felt like a lifetime these last 9 days, but i know my baby will be well worth the wait, hope you and ur little man are both well and hope ur enjoying being a mammy!!

mickeylou Tue 02-Jun-09 16:11:41

my son was born at 41+4. i had two sweeps and cant say that they did anything for me. the last one was done on the monday and i didnt start in labour until the wednesday. DS was born on the thursday.

has your little one put in an appearance yet?! smile

rasputin Tue 02-Jun-09 16:12:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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