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low placenta @ 23 weeks

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jean09232009 Mon 25-May-09 00:58:12

at my 20 week ultrasound they told me i have a low placenta and no one told me to stop working out, not have sex, or rest. and so i decided to ask my doctor if i can still work out and he said no!! but he didn't say no swimming or maybe lightly walking or anything but i have been hesitant to do so because i don't want to really take my chances of the placenta not moving!! i'm just really getting bored here i stopped working already because my job was putting alot of stress on me! but i haven't had any bleeding at all, just sometimes i feel a little unusual pain, and since this is my first pregnancy i have no idea whats normal, it could just be that my uterus is growing and my skin is streching so maybe it's the growing!! and also i do not want a c-section even though i haven't even experienced natural birth but from the looks of it no one else likes it!! but really i'm just scared of labor in general i think about it every day and the anxiety is only getting worse as the months go by, i don't like really like pain as everyone else, i really hope i do not freak out!! my due date is sept. 23 2009!! and i'm scared!! i could really use some advice in all of this!!!

LadyMetroland Mon 25-May-09 14:48:36

Low lying placenta is extremely common at the 20 week scan. Apparently only 1 in 600 end up with it still being a problem at birth. Have never heard of having to avoid exercise - sounds like strange advice to me. Are you in America? Perhaps the advice is different over there (although can't see why it would be)

useful info here

hope that helps

LeenieBean Sat 30-May-09 20:04:08

Hi Jean

My baby is due 3 days after yours and I just had my 22 week scan this week and was told that I also have a low placenta. I'm not really worried as in the vast majority of cases the placenta moves up as your uterus grows. Worst case scenario is that it doesn't and then you have a c-section. I really want to give birth naturally so am hoping my placenta will move, but I can cope with the c-section if it's necessary since the most important thing is that the baby is healthy. Re. being scared of labour I strongly recommend a book that I came across by chance called 'Stand and Deliver'. It's got great, positive birth stories in it, and information about natural tools for labour like homeopathy, aromatherpy, etc. It's a really brilliant book. For me it's been important to read a lot about labour and about ways to make it a really positive experience ... which it can be! If you haven't signed up for pregnancy yoga yet I'd recommend that as well. It's great for relaxation, feeling prepared and spending time just on yourself and your baby.

Best of luck with your pregnancy and birth!

Kaylo Sat 30-May-09 20:19:33

Hi Jean,

With my dd I had was told the same at my 20 week scan and it put the fear of God into me!!! They didn't tell me anything about it - only that I would have to be re-scanned at about 36 weeks to see if it had moved.

Thy also gave me a leaflet which flew out of my hand as soon as I got to the hospital door, didn't even get chance to read it!

DD arrived at 35+4 weeks the day before the re-scan. It wasn't placenta related - she was just ready, I think they got my dates wrong tbh cos she was 7lbs 3oz shock If I had gone full term with her...10lb-er I reckon. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it grin

Everything will be fine whether the placenta moves or not. Enjoy your pregnancy xxx

SabsBigPants Sat 30-May-09 20:26:26

i was also told at my 20 week scan that I had a low lying placenta. This is also my first baby, although I did have a miscarriage last year.

Ive since taken up swimming once a week, which my midwife is fine with, and also due to go to Rome in a couple of weeks, which will require a lot of walking, which my midwife didnt have any objections to.

I have to go back for a scan at 34 weeks. I'm also hoping to avoid a c-section, but from what ive read and like ladymetroland and leeniebean say, most placenta's do move by then.

Good luck jean with everything, your due date is 3 days away from mine, im due 26th September.

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