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Getting married and will be twenty weeks pregnant

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hipmom Sat 23-May-09 22:58:52

Should I postpone the wedding until after the baby? I went to a dress maker today and she reassured me I could still look great on the day. It is my first pregnancy and i am older and already size 12-14.

drlove8 Sat 23-May-09 23:13:45

No dont be stupid! have your lovely day, you'll look gorgeous and enjoy it . if you wait until you have the baby, you'll spend half your time fretting about your LO and wont be quite the same.the thing about not getting hitched when pregnant is old fashioned and stems from the days when your granny was a wee girl..... what a load of tosh...go get wed and have a ball at your party! grin

Stannie Sun 24-May-09 08:52:05

You'll be fine!

If it's any consolation we are getting married in August .. I am 21 weeks already!

Also my first pregnancy, I am 33 and have been with DP for 11 years

EffiePerine Sun 24-May-09 08:57:28

A friend of mine was 5 mo pg when she got married - she looked fabulous

and being a 12-14 will help as you won't be skinny with a bump!

mrsdisorganised Sun 24-May-09 08:59:42

I got married at 20 weeks pg, we had a brilliant day, but I did make sure I sat down alot and people came over to me instead of going round everyone! My first pregnancy and only had to adjust my wedding dress slightly (had bought it before I was pg). Good luck and have a lovely day!

slushy06 Sun 24-May-09 10:41:37

Your dress maker will also be able to adjust your dress so you don't look pg at 20 weeks I should think. If not you will look lovely sporting a little bump.

InspectorGadget Sun 24-May-09 13:46:43

I got hitched last week at 26 weeks! We didn't have a big wedding right enough (understatement...... we got married in our front room, and there were only 5 people there including us!) but i wouldn't change a thing, it was brilliant. We didn't want to wait til after the baby as we were worried we wouldn't get round to it for years.

Am sure you will look fab on your wedding day, even I managed to look good and I'm a size 16.

(I'd put a pic on my profile but no idea how?)

Enjoy it. x

beatiebow Sun 24-May-09 14:15:11

I got married at about 34/35 weeks preg with my first. Wore a size 16 dress from Monsoon and in many photos you can't tell I'm pregnant (except when I'm cradling the bump!). Was a bit tiring traipsing around for the dress etc but would have been worse to do it with a baby in the picture!

vonsudenfed Sun 24-May-09 14:31:17

I was 22 weeks pregnant when we got married, and was really pleased with how I looked. I was also 40, and a size 14!

And to be honest I looked a whole heap better then than I ever did in the two years afterwards! Plus there were other advantages; I could remember it all as didn't drink, for example. I'd say go right ahead and do it!

hipmom Mon 08-Jun-09 21:02:46

Thank you for your replies. It is reassuring to read all your responses. I tried on dresses over the past weeks and realize I am now size 16! The bridal boutiques are telling me to buy two sizes up just in case and then have it adjusted. Has anybody got any experience with this?

I have narrowed it down to two dresses. An empire romantic Pronovias Hiedra 2009 dress with a high waist and a cross-over pleated chiffon bodice, an A-line skirt with a chiffon drape.
The other dress has a strapless heart shaped boned bodice with lacing at the back, slightly ruched over the front and beautiful lace on the skirt and train (berketex) Shanessa.

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