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Placenta Previa

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wraighty Thu 21-May-09 09:16:09

I everyone, being reading everyones threads on Placenta previa and thought i'd start another one as I would like to hear from anyone who has some information.

I am currently 32 weeks I had a scan at 21 weeks and told placenta was over cervix, not given much more detail, looked on my notes and said "overlying os" just told to come back for scan at 34 weeks!

I have had no bleeding, but I'm just worried and what to know so I can plan the next few weeks as much as poss, have a 2yr old and dreading the though of c-section or stay in hospital etc as will miss her and hubby so much and it will take a lot of organizing! Only 2 weeks till scan now (2nd June) but find myself being very impatient.

I know that most placentas will move by the 34 weeks scan, but given that they said mine was overlying the cervix I've heard there is less chance, anyone got any experience?

Would appreciate hearing from anyone in or been in similar situation, even just for a chat to keep me going until scan.

frillysquiff Thu 21-May-09 16:32:56

Hi Wraighty, sounds as though you're aware that many placentas that are reported as near the os at 20 weeks aren't really, but just appear that way due to the shape of the uterus. As the uterus grows and changes shape the placenta appears to 'move away' from the os.

'Overlying os' sounds a little ominous though doesn't it? I am grade 4 placenta praevia and at 20 wks my notes read 'completely covers os'. It would be interesting to know by how much your placenta overlies, whether partially or completely. Both of these conditions though can cause bleeding and the need for a c-section. If the placenta only partially covers though, there is the chance it may move enough so that you can have a natural birth.

I am 31 wks + 3 days and have been in hospital 3 times due to bleeding/clots. I've bled on and off since the day I found out I was pregnant, but only 2nd trimester bleeding onwards has been attributed to PP. My consultant has said that there's no chance of the placenta moving which means I'll be having a c-section at 38 weeks. First baby for me so it will be just the hubby and dogs I'll be leaving behind.

I've read that most PP bleeding usually starts somewhere between 27-32 weeks so you may be lucky - fingers crossed for you as you're already 32 wks.

Hope this helps at all. Any bleeding, even a single spot, make sure you get yourself down to the labour ward won't you.

forevermore Thu 21-May-09 19:24:15

frilly exactly when did you bleed and how did it start. Did you rest and if yes how much. Did you dial 999? Unsure as I am in your boat but 8 weeks behindsad. No bleeds but feel like a ticking timebomb.

Hydrangea Thu 21-May-09 20:01:27

Dear Wraighty,

It's a long wait isn't it! I was fearing for my sanity by the end - and still am now I come to think of it.

My notes at 20 weeks said "placenta covers internal os". At my 32 week scan my placenta now reaches internal os.

I am waiting for another scan at 36 weeks, and am very nervous. Like you I have little ones at home and really don't want a c/s.

I too had read that they are less likely to move the more they cover the os. I didn't find out until my 32 week scan that my placenta is posterior which the internet seems to think is even less likely to move. I wish someone had told me earlier as the 32 week scan was a real blow to me. I had been hoping it would have moved well out of the way by then.

Good luck with the wait.

wraighty Thu 21-May-09 20:20:20

frilly, thanks for you advice and I hope everything goes ok, your first is such an exciting time, so sorry to hear you've had to be in and out of hospital.

Hydragngea, thank god I'm not the only one going insane, I wish the was they write it on your notes was a little more consistent so you at least no what your dealing with and what chances are of it correcting. I did read a thread somewhere that lady was scanned every 2 weeks and it didn;t move until 38+2 and she managed a natural birth so there is always hope.

I will be dissappointed to have a c-section and think it will be harder work with my 2yr old to think of but I just want to know one way or other to be able to prepare myself mentally. Had drug induction, failed epidural, episiotomy, and ventouse last time so might as well go for the full set!!

wraighty Wed 27-May-09 16:32:35

Well hanging in there as scan is now less than a week. Tues 2nd June. Convinced myself I'm worrying about nothing and they're going to tell me all is fine and I wonder what I was panicing about.

Baby kicking like mad and sometimes feels really low, but othertimes movement is high catches me out all the time.

bevlin Wed 27-May-09 19:45:31

Hi everyone with PP! I had Prosterior PP described as 'overlying the OS' in my last PG. Wraighty, the fact that you have had no bleeds up to now is a very good sign that it is not too low lying. I bled on and off from 12.5 weeks to 32. By 36 week scan they were 'pretty sure' it had moved enough for a natural birth but not 100%. My first waters broke naturally at 37 weeks in middle of night with no warning. I went in and was checked and everything was fine, hadn't even started contracting so went home. At 6am however some very light contractions started, I went to get up and the secondery waters went and with it lots of blood which turned out to be a small part of the placenta still covering. I was taken quickly for a C-section, I was absolutely terrified but there was no need. My worst fear had been the C-section but let me reassure you all, it was sooooo easy, painless and quick. It felt like I arrived at the hospital and within 20 mins was flat on my back in theatre with the doc chatting to my DH about football, everyone quickly but calmly fussing about at the foot of my bed and the radio playing in the background! I couldn't see or feel anything (not even the epidural in the spine felt of anything) and the next minute the doc said "are you ready to become a mummy". One healthy screaming blue baby held in the air while my DH proudly screamed it's a boy like nobody had noticed! Also with PP and a c-section the scar is down lower than normal to avoid cutting into the Placenta and I can honestly say you would need a magnifying glass to see the tiny white line extremley low down 2 years on. Also I can honestly say I have not got a high pain thresh hold but the after math is very easy due to the amount of painkillers dished out in hospital. Keep on top of them and you really won't be in any pain. The week in hospital is not all bad, It gave me plenty of time to bond with my DS and to get help with breast feeding and it's nice to be woken up by a nurse with your breakfast and have nothing to do all week but get to know your baby. If it's your first and you are going to give BF a try, it's the best place to be as it can be a struggle. If it's your second then it's quality time with your new baby you might not get at home. Either way, see it as time to recover and have the baby to yourself. By the end of the week you'll be out pushing your pram. I hope that reasurres everyone with PP and going for a possible c-section. This is all based on Prosterior PP overlying the OS and not major PP, I have no experience of that. Im 8 weeks PG again and hoping I don't have PP again because it would be nice not to be 'high risk' and have all the worries I know everyone on here will be having. I wouldn't worry about the actual c-section this time but i would like to experience a natural birth. Having said that I bet after a natural birth Id be wishing id had the section!

wraighty Thu 04-Jun-09 13:47:20

well everyone scan went well and baby now lower than the placenta so great news, thought we'd got the all clear and then she came out and told us got to be rescanned in 2 weeks due to the AC (abdominal circumference) measuring above the 95th percentile, all other measurements within normal range!!

Has anyone else had this and no what it could mean, gestational diabetes has been mentioned but does anyone no any other reasons? I'm booked in for a Glucose test tomorrow but all seems a bit late in the day now i'm 34 weeks and next scan will be when i'm 36 weeks! Also worried as estimated weight is 5lbs 13oz already!!

Hydrangea Thu 04-Jun-09 20:14:19

Dear wraighty,

I'm so pleased for you that your placenta has moved. I have my 36 week scan tomorrow and have been praying that my placenta will have moved enough to have a normal delivery.

I'm afraid I have no experience of the big baby thing. My bump is actually measuring small for dates. I guess they'll check the size of the baby itself tomorrow.

Let me know how the glucose test went and the 36 week scan when you get there.

wraighty Sun 07-Jun-09 08:11:06

Hi all, Had my Glucose test fri mornign at the birthing centre, I was so impressed with everyone there they were so friendly and actually treated me like a person rather than a text book (do not have a great relationship with my midwife!). Anyway get results of glucose test soon, but whilst I was there did usual antenatal checks with me and had a ++protein reading on my urine stick, but blood pressure fine.
Feels like I go in to get checked for one thing and come out with something else!!

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions, its nice to hear how everyone else is coping and hope you keep me posted with your own pregnancies.

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