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getting married will be 14 weeks pregnant

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ooooops Sat 16-May-09 15:17:13


After trying to get pregnant for ages I have managed to do it with only a few weeks to go before the wedding. Dress I was having is quite fitted. How big was everyone else at 14 weeks - is it only my boobs which will be huge?

mrsboogie Sat 16-May-09 15:20:42

How slim are you normally? how tall are you? what are your tummy muscles like? gym bunny or couch potato?

ooooops Sat 16-May-09 15:22:05

I'm 5 ft 5, a size 12, a bit podgy but generally OK. No skinny supermodel but not overweight.

Not a gym bunny though.

KnickKnack Sat 16-May-09 15:22:24

I didn't remotely start showing until after 5 months.
Unfortunately though you have no way of knowing in advance what shape you are going to be.

ooooops Sat 16-May-09 15:23:08

and boobs are a 36B normally. How big do they get in teh first trimester?

HeadFairy Sat 16-May-09 15:23:52

I had to give in and start wearing maternity jeans at about 18 weeks, but I could still wear some looser clothes until about 20 weeks. Does your wedding dress have lacing up the back or something similar? Could you loosen it a bit?

Congratulations by the way

scratchet Sat 16-May-09 15:23:53

Hi there ooooops, congratulations on your pregnancy and your wedding. I know everyone is different but i didn't look remotely pregnant at 14 weeks with any of my pregnancies x

ooooops Sat 16-May-09 15:25:47

thanks for the congrats. The dress is a 1950's style with a fairly nipped in waist. I am going to be gutted if I have to change it, though it isn't made yet so that's good. It's pretty tight round the bust with a high straight across neckline and I think this is going to be the biggest problem TBH, specially if my Norks get massive!

ooooops Sat 16-May-09 15:29:57

oh gawd, have just googled 14 weeks pregnant and you're right looks like there can be a big difference between different people! Arrghh!

HeadFairy Sat 16-May-09 15:31:36

Will you be telling anyone or do you want to hide it at your wedding? The dress sounds lovely but you might be uncomfortable all day in a tight waisted dress. I always find I'm a little bit tender around the bump in the early weeks. Could you alter the design slightly, perhaps go a bit more empire line?

ooooops Sat 16-May-09 15:34:29

I will be telling people. Problem is that the pattern is such that it doean't have a separate skirt and bodice bit (which are then sewn together) IYSWIM - the pieces are cut do that you get the whole length of the dress from one piece of cloth. To make it empire line would just be a whole new dress.

I suppose I could buy a fallback dress (whatever it is it will be cheap) and then if I do get big I can just use that one.

Has anyone else here had to change their dress because of their pregnancy?

HeadFairy Sat 16-May-09 15:38:16

Ah, I see your problem. Sounds like a fall back dress might be a good idea. If your dress hasn't been made yet, could you ask the dress maker to make it a bit looser around the middle? That or have another wedding in 9 months time so you can get to wear your lovely dress

mrsboogie Sat 16-May-09 15:43:04

I was going to say that the taller you are and the better your tummy muscles are the later you will show, but yes everyone is different. You will probably get away with it tho'. Your dressmaker should be able to put darts in the dress that can be let out at the last minute of you pop out a bit. 14 weeks is early for showing with first baby.

KnickKnack Sat 16-May-09 15:48:48

remember Oooooops some of the pics on your google search will not be 1st pregnancies.

You should phone your dressmaker and have a might be surprised at her ability to change the waist by a few cm without altering the shape of the dress too much

brightonbaby Sat 16-May-09 15:50:14

Hi ooooops Congratulations on both the pregnancy and wedding :-)

I'm in the exact same situation. We are getting married in a week and a half...eek! I chose my dress a few weeks ago and it's a maxi, fairly loose flowing dress. I just didn't know how big I'd be - I'll be 14 weeks then too.

At the moment, I just look like I've eaten a big meal shock and can no longer do up my jeans properly, so am wearing them with a belt done up and the buttons undone.

I don't think I'd get into a tight dress without it showing, but as everyone is saying, it's so different for everyone.

It sounds as if, at your height and size, you might be ok. I am shorter at 5'2" and I think they say the taller you are, the more room you have in there for the baby to go upwards before it goes outwards, iwswim.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful on your big day so you can really enjoy it.

Wilkiepedia Sat 16-May-09 22:34:31

Same as you - was 15 weeks pg when I got married, Maggie Sottero dress but it was boned. However, I did have a small bump which is barely noticeable in any photos and I didn't do the boning up as tight as I would have done non-pg to allow for my boobs (which weren't hugley massive)

I'm sure you will be fine.

Dragonfly74 Sat 16-May-09 22:46:55

Hi ooooops,
I was 16 weeks pg when we got married, I had a small bump which wasn't visible in my dress which had a boned corset. The bump wasn't so much a problem for me but I seemed to put a bit of weight on all over which made me uncomfortable on the day!!

Congrats on your pg, hope you have a lovely wedding day. x

LeeWT Sun 17-May-09 09:12:37

Congrats on all your news!

I was only ten weeks when i got married and interestingly although i hadnt put on any weight, my waist felt different getting into the dress. I think you can be a bit bloated aside from the baby. but also your womb is well over the size of a grapefruit by now.

I would stick with your beautiful dress but let your dressmaker know the situation and get her to leave you some room.

I'm sure you'll look beautiful and you are lucky you are telling people - I had to drink red schloer all day and pretend it was wine grin

blondiep14 Sun 17-May-09 09:16:23

I'd agree with LeeWT, my waist had 'thickened' by 10 weeks in my 1st pregnancy, but no other major changes.
My boobs didn't really grow much the whole darn 9 months angry grin!!

katster37 Sun 17-May-09 09:58:26

Congrats ooops!
I am nearly 14 weeks pg with first, am 5'7" and usually a size 8. I have a definite bump and am wearing maternity trousers but don't think this is the norm from what I can gather on here. My boobs aren't any bigger though, just tender. You should be fine. Have a fantastic day!

ViktoriaMac Mon 18-May-09 16:19:29

Hey Ooops and Brightonbaby. I am also getting married in just over a week (27th May) and I will be 12 weeks. I'm going to do a quick dash to my mum's on Wednesday night after work to try my dress on and check it is still okay (fingers crossed). My boobs have grown massively and that was already the one part of the dress where I needed my mum to yank the zip up!
Congratulations to both of you.

PortBlacksandResident Mon 18-May-09 16:29:09

Do you have a hen night too? How will you explain the teetotalism?

ooooops Mon 18-May-09 16:53:37

Yeah - I do, and it was supposed to be at the begining of June. Have posponed it to July by which time I will be 12 weeks so planning on telling people. We weren't going to go wild anyay but I have had to explain why it's been delayed and made up various excuses!

Fortunately I am not the type to do the whole L-plates thing and hopefully my friends realise that! grin

thanks for the congrats everyone

ViktoriaMac, hope the dress fitting goes ok!

PortBlacksandResident Mon 18-May-09 17:00:14

<hopes ooooops friends don't plan an L-plate to put on the bump>


ClaireIngo Mon 22-Jun-09 15:32:13

Same thing here. My bf and i have been going out for 6years; we're getting married in 6weeks time and of all times i fall pregnant now im v happy but am worried i will be showing or that dress wont fit-ill be 12weeks. its the kind that laces up at the back so hopefully it will be a litttle forgiving.... im also trying to not let my parents find out untill afer the wedding......

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