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What do you think... 4 or 7 weeks pregnant...

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Milliemuffin Tue 12-May-09 13:26:37

On 12th March I miscarried at 10 weeks, there was no baby as a scan at 8 weeks showed an empty sac. We BD'd on 1st April and then had a bleed identical to the implantation bleed I had in January on 9th April (so 8 days later) but at the time I assumed it was my first period, just a really light weird one as a result of the m/c. On 23rd April we BD'd again and 2 weeks later I got a VERY BFP, the line was so bold and appeared in about 10 seconds. I've had upset stomach, been light headed and felt sick for 3 weeks, I'm getting stretching twinges, I've gone from 8st3 to 8st8.
Am I silly for thinking I'm 7 weeks or can this all happen at only 4 weeks? The doc thinks 9th April was a period but she didn't see it (?!) and she doesn't appreciate how I've been feeling, the symptoms I've got. Does anyone agree with me or am I being silly?

Picante Tue 12-May-09 13:28:32

I would say it was implantation - my first af after a mmc was very heavy. I guess you need to push for an early scan!

Milliemuffin Tue 12-May-09 13:32:41

The doc has said already they wouldn't scan just because I've had one m/c so gotta wait til july or go private.

YanknCock Tue 12-May-09 13:42:29

How long did you bleed for each time?

Was the miscarriage medically managed or natural? (So sorry for your loss BTW).

FWIW, I think you could be right.

Sorry they are not giving you the early scan. When I had my miscarriage, the EPU told me if I got pregnant again I could call bypass the GP and call them directly for an early reassurance scan.

Wonder if there is an EPU in your area that will let you self-refer? I've heard they do that in some places. Did you go to an EPU for your early scan the first time? Would it be worth trying to contact them directly?

I find crying at them helps. blush [extremely hormonal emoticon]

Milliemuffin Tue 12-May-09 13:55:07

Hi, the implantation bleeds were only 4 days but so light, only there when I wiped (sorry if TMI) and the colour was light brown. My m/c was natural (thank god!) and lasted about a week, 3 very heavy days (sac & clots) followed by very light bleeding for about 4 days. I've just read this link and there's nowhere near me that I can self-refer

I had my scan at 8 weeks due to a slight bleed which at first the doc thought was just due to a possible infection but the scan the next day showed there was no baby and that I would miscarry.

YanknCock Tue 12-May-09 14:15:50

I would say that sounds more like old blood/implantation bleed rather than a proper period!

I had what I suppose was an implantation bleed for two days on the first pregnancy, and like you, it was only there when I wiped. Mine was sort of pink.

Checked back on my charts, and my first period after a natural miscarriage was definitely a period--5 days of needing a pad/tampon, 3 days of 'medium' flow, fairly normal for me. Obviously we are all different, but if I'd experienced what you had, I'd be thinking '7 weeks' as well.

Grrr for you having to wait! I wonder if another GP would be more sympathetic? Pregnancy after miscarriage can be really upsetting. I know I'm not the only one to have had a 'reassurance' scan due to previous MC, for no other reason than I was incredibly anxious.

Milliemuffin Tue 09-Jun-09 21:14:15

Just thought I'd add that I was right... had a private scan done 2 weeks ago which showed i was 9wks 3 dys so now 11wks and 3dys :-) my dp reckons i should make an appt with the doc to show her my scan and prove to her that i knew what i was talking about!

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