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Pregnant but toddler has slap cheek - anyone else had this happen?

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Rubberplant Mon 11-May-09 14:30:25

After more than 12 months TTC no 2 I had a BFP and am about 6 weeks pregnant.

Unfortunately my DC has just had slap cheek. (Spots appeared a week ago.) I understand this can be pretty bad for pregnant women before 20 weeks. I have a blood test scheduled to check if I've already had it.

As it can't be prevented I guess I just have to hope that things will be ok.

Any one else had a child with slap cheek when pregnant?

neolara Mon 11-May-09 14:56:56

I am pregnant and I thought my dd had slapped cheek a few weeks ago. I did quite a lot of internet searching at the time.

The main danger period seems to be catching it between 9 and 20 weeks, so if you caught it from your dc you would most likely be OK as I think it has a relatively short incubation period. In fact, I think even if you caught it during the most risky time statistically you only have a very small chance of anything going wrong. Some websites talk about a 15% chance of miscarriage, but I found a NHS website (which should know what it is talking about), saying that only the risk of miscarriage increases by 15%, which is completely different and a much more reassuring statistic. But the chances are that you have already had it, in which case you can't get it again and everything will be fine.

Someone on here linked me to a great website but I can't remember what it's called at the mo. If I can get my brain in gear I will post the link.

Oh, and congratulations!

Rubberplant Mon 11-May-09 15:11:21

Thanks neolara.

princessmel Mon 11-May-09 15:12:45

Someone on my antenatel thread has had experience of this. I will link them to this thread....

BestLaidPlans Mon 11-May-09 20:15:44

I got sent home from work (I'm a teacher)because of an outbreak of slap cheek, a couple of weeks ago (I was also six weeks at the time). There does seem to be quite a difference in statistics quoted, but I found the general consensus was that the NHS ones neolara quoted were the most accurate. I went back to work on Friday after my blood tests came back as immune. Apparently the probability of having the right antibodies is very good, particularly if you've had a fair amount of contact with children. Hope that helps, try not to worry, far easier said than done I know, and congratulations!

sammysam Mon 11-May-09 20:41:05

Hi-i'm on princessmels antinatal thread!
DD had slapped cheek (although doc swore it wasn't) and I had symptoms when I was 8-9wks. I knew we had both caught it. After weeks I discovered I was right. I have had a bad experience as I have had to fight the whole way to get anything to happen, but now am having a scan every 4wks. The risks are quite low but I haven't been told any of the facts really-something like 1/200 of any complications. There is another woman on our thread in the same position who has had much better care and info-I'll try and get her here to explain.
I had my 20wk scan today and all ok so far smile

Please try not to worry too much as it is the 5th most common childhood illness-and can have no symptoms so you are quite likely to have had it at some point. You will have to have a blood test to tell you if it was a recent infection or an old one (when you'd have the antibodies)

Sorry for not being too helpful-have had a long day and my brain has switched off blush

MrsPuddleduck Tue 12-May-09 09:18:09

I had the blood test for this yesterday as I am sure DS had it over bank holiday weekend when I was 16 weeks. I think it takes about a week to come back and I am a bit anxious.

Rubberplant Tue 12-May-09 09:34:24

Thanks again for all your responses.

Sammysam - So pleased all your scans ok.

Willmouse - I have a blood test on Wednesday so it looks like we'll be waiting about the same time.

My DP has been suffering flu like symptoms and the GP says this may represent the adult symptoms of having caught it. DP's mother doesn't remember him having it as a child and she notices everything. My mother hasn't got a clue if I had it!

MrsPuddleduck Tue 12-May-09 10:04:42

I have had a virus so GP said although I have not had the red cheeks it could be pavovirus. I don't know about you but I had hardly come across it until I was pregnant and now it seems to be everywhere! My 2 also had chicken pox when I was first pregnant too so I haven't had much luck! Fortunately I am immune to chicken pox though! I caught all things going as a child so hopefully I have already had slapped cheek without knowing.

popsycal Tue 12-May-09 10:09:51

You need to see you midwife/gp asap

Your bloods will say if you are already immune (which many people are without realiing), or if you have a recent infection.

I was monitored from 14 weeks - regular bloods as I wasn't immune. Then caught it at 26 weeks and had regular scans.
DS3 is fine

popsycal Tue 12-May-09 10:11:13

I had n symptoms at all when i couaght it
If you are interested in my sage, check out my threads from around may/june last year

Rubberplant Wed 13-May-09 11:28:19

Just got back from the GP's after a fight to get a blood test! The person taking the blood had to go and check what was required and came back saying that the doctor she spoke to had advised her that there was no test that could be taken. (Another GP had previously advised that a blood test was required.)

I didn't react too well and after a few phone calls to the blood test centre the situation was resolved. My blood was taken but I have to wait two weeks for the results.

Willmouse - A friend of mine who is a primary school teacher mentioned slap cheek to me a few weeks ago. Until that point I'd never heard of it either.

Hello everyone !

Worrying time for us all isn't it !

I'm on Sammysam's antenatal thread - positive test for parvovirus when 10 weeks or so pregnant - although symptoms when I was 7 weeks. I'm now 18.5 weeks and just been signed off by the consultant as 'she is confident that the baby has not been affected'

If I can answer any questions let me know - Sammysam and I have been bouncing advice/information from our consultants between each other as different doctors/GPs/midwifes/bloke down the street, all have different ideas/actions/ etc etc !

NK2725b6e5X121aaf086b1 Thu 04-Jun-09 13:08:02


I too am really worried - I am 13 weeks pregnant and both of my blood tests have come back to show that I have had the infection recently - in a mild form??

I had a dating scan on Sat which all seemed normal but I now have to go to the pre-natal diagnosis clinic tomorow for another scan and to check the baby is ok and whether he/she has got the infection too. I am very worried.....

Zuzi Thu 04-Jun-09 13:20:54

I had a similar experience, my son had it when I was 20 weeks. My GP advised me to have the blood test done. On the same day I went for my 20 weeks scan - which appeared ok and the midwife took some blood. Got home and I had a message from my GP advising me against the blood test (after she had consulted with a hospital consultant) as they wouldn't be able to do anything for me anyway ...

NK2725b6e5X121aaf086b1 Thu 04-Jun-09 14:09:18

Hi Zuzi,

What happened throughout your pregnancy if your son did have it at 20wks? Did they monitor throughout the rest of your pregnancy or not as your 20wk scan was all ok?

Thanks for replying as it really helps to talk to people who have been there too

sparkle12mar08 Thu 04-Jun-09 16:48:17

NK272... You'll probably find that you'll be asked to go for a series of at least 4 scans on a fortnightly basis. This will be to check for signs of problems that may or may not be able to be treated. There are potential in utero treatments but they are a last case resort, and the combination of factors that would have to occur for the baby to develop severe problems are very, very rare. If everything is fine you'll be discharged back to the community midwife team and will be classed as a normal pregnancy.

I was in exactly the same position as others here, not immune and having an active outbreak at 18 weeks. Have posted here at length if you want to search my name too.

How is everyone else doing, any results back yet?

Sersi Thu 04-Jun-09 17:58:36


I have just been for my booking in appointment and asked my midwife about slap cheek as I work in a pre-school. She told me it was the same virus as chickenpox so if you are immune to that (which I know I am after tests with previous pregnancies) then you are also immune to slapcheek.

Can anyone confirm this is correct.

Thanks & good luck to those sweating on results.

sparkle12mar08 Thu 04-Jun-09 20:19:39

She's not correct. That's very bad advice. It is from the same family of viruses, but if she doesn't know it's not the same actual virus then I'd seriously question what other bad advice she's giving to patients...

changer22 Thu 04-Jun-09 20:28:57

I came into contact with slapped cheek when I was in my first trimester.

I had a blood test and the results showed that I had already had it. My mother swears that I hadn't but I think it was probably one of those temperature/illness things that children of the 70s had.

changer22 Thu 04-Jun-09 20:29:48

...without it being recognised IYKWIM!

Zuzi Fri 05-Jun-09 14:21:56

NK, sorry for confusion, it happened a few weeks ago, when my nearly 3 year old got it. I am now just over 23 weeks. As they didn't phone me back from hospital, I just presumed my results were fine. I wasn't offered any additional scans or any further check ups.

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