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Which due date??

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mummygow Mon 02-May-05 20:20:00

When I found out I was pregnant my gp gave me my due date of 27th Oct as last af was 20th Jan sue she worked it out as 9 mnths plus 7 days.

Then I went for my booking in scan on Friday and the consultant gave me another due date (on the size of the baby) - Nov 2nd, I know it is only 5 days apart but what one is correct?

mummygow Mon 02-May-05 20:27:56

Has this happened to anyone else??

AngelCakeUmm Mon 02-May-05 20:29:20

I thought the scan date was the correct one!

pupuce Mon 02-May-05 20:30:04

Was your dating scan at 12 weeks? They are quite accurate.
If so I'd go with that date... also iy has the added benefit that IF you are late you won't be under so much pressure to be induced.

pupuce Mon 02-May-05 20:30:35

Angel at 12 weeks they are more accurate than at 20 weeks.

anchovies Mon 02-May-05 20:31:05

Was it a 12 week scan? If so (or it was around then) that will be your oficial due date I think.

mummygow Mon 02-May-05 20:31:05

thanks acu, it probably wont matter anyway
i'll probably go over my due date

mummygow Mon 02-May-05 20:32:13

yes everyone I was 13 wks and 3 days

jessicasmummy Mon 02-May-05 20:41:44

my date from midwife was 30th september - scan date 21st october!!!i had 2 days spotting in january which midwife thought was an implantation bleed not an af - but scan revealed it was an af!

go with the scan date - i was given due date of 29th july with dd but scan date of 7th aug - dd induced on 22nd july and born 24th july but midwives reckon she was a bit earlier than expected so go with scan please!

AngelCakeUmm Mon 02-May-05 20:43:01

pupuce sorry i presumed it was the 12 weeks scan sorry .....

mummygow Mon 02-May-05 21:10:04

Thanks everyone as I said I know its only 5 days difference but feels like another month from saying Oct now to saying November!!

Rochwen Tue 03-May-05 22:32:52

I know how you feel mummygow!

My midwife gave me a date based on my last period and although my 12 week scan said I was at least one week AHEAD she says she can't change it now on my paperwork(and that first babies are late anyway). Apart from being irrationally miffed that baby's due date is now August instead of July, I'm worried that they'll let the baby get 'overcooked' if I'm late (e.g. if I'm one week late 'officially' I'll already be 2.5 weeks late according to the scan. I don't understand why they can't just change the paperwork.

...and does anybody know if it's bad for the baby to 'stay in too long' (apart from me being uncomfortable)?

Marie12 Fri 13-May-05 15:30:06

I have had the same, according to my period dates the baby is due on 5 June but at the 12 weeks scan they said I was 5 days ahead, which would make it 31st May. They didn't change the due date - when I asked at my last scan at 32 weeks, the sonographer said they don't change the due date because 'women are very protective of their period dates'! Well I am not!, who I am to interfere with nature, I just want to know when my baby is due! It makes me feel better to go by the scan dates as I believe they are more accurate. I have the same concerns as you though Rochwen, that if the baby is overdue, that they will leave it too long to induce me!

shereelouise Sat 14-May-05 14:01:44

hi everyone im 26 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. ive already got 2 children and they are looking forward to there sister being born in 14 week. if anyone would like to chat and get to know me u can chat to me on msn my add is hope to hear from u all soon.

aviatrix Sat 14-May-05 15:51:34

Message withdrawn

Mosschops30 Sat 14-May-05 16:54:14

Message withdrawn

Gem1355 Sat 14-May-05 17:42:04


i was pretty sure of my dates when found out i was PG making due date 2/5/05 got a scan at what i thought was 16 weeks but i was told i was actually 21 weeks making due date 4/4/05 but my DD was born 30/03/05

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