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Tall girls' clothing corner...

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Longtalljosie Fri 08-May-09 08:22:50

Hi everyone...

Following on from a discussion about maternity jeans, I thought it might be a good idea to share tips on maternity wear.

I've heard of beanpole bumps - but is there anywhere else we should be looking?

Long Tall Sally seem pretty disappointing - one pair of trousers - are you kidding?

But I'm currently wondering about pyjamas or nighties - it's hard to order online if you can't be sure they'll cover your bum!

Any tips / advice?

My tip is these fab jersey trousers from Jojo Maman Bebe. They may say 30" inside leg but due to the heaviness of the fabric they are really far more like 34"! And they're incredibly comfortable too - I live in them...

Cazzr Fri 08-May-09 08:54:20

Hi, i'm new to the forum but was pleasantly surprised to see this post..

I'm 6ft 2 and have a 3 year old son, we are thinking about trying for no 2 in the next few months but what with friends around me getting pregnant and looking at maternity clothes it has made me reflect on what I wore when pregnant.

Apart from a couple of maternity tops I pretty much gave up looking for clothes, trousers specifically, as I take a 36" inside leg.
Long tall sally were dissapointing and Dorethy Perkins (where I generally get my trousers) simply didn't cater for tall AND pregnant. So one belly belt later I pretty much made do with my current clothes and looked for stretchy dresses and long tops to cover the belly belt... Hmm anyway, not so inspiring and looking back on it I felt I wasn't able to fully embrace my bump clothes wise..
I'm looking ahead to the next one and don''t want to be as drab a dresser this time so thanks for the link to Beanpole bump, they look fairly reasonably priced too which is good.
Will keep an eye on this post as I want to ensure I have more supportive clothes next time. I got SPD too last time so having more supportive clothes has to help right?!
Anyway if I come accross any other places/sites I will be sure to post..
Thanks again
p.s. don't get me started about coats, I was pregnant for most of winter last time (he was due mid may) and had to make do with fleeces, mmmm frumpy, tho I still haven't managed to take them off! LOL

WinkyWinkola Fri 08-May-09 09:01:25

Long Tall Sally always disappoints me.

Maternity wear has really come into its own recently but there are still gems like this about. Dearie me!

alana39 Fri 08-May-09 09:12:22

Ha ha ha Winky do people really buy this stuff?

I found some fairly good yoga trousers (I don't do yoga but lived in a pair of them nearer the end of my last pregnancy and they would do as pyjama bottoms) here They come in 3 colours, not just black for a change, and the medium and large have an 86cm inside leg (think that's 34 1/2") and feel long to me (usually wear 34").

Still really annoyed that most ranges restrict their tall (which is often only 33" and sometimes 32 which hardly seems that tall) to 1 or 2 styles of jeans.

MrsMattie Fri 08-May-09 09:16:19

I'm 5'11, and had a baby in November, so was in maternity clothes for most of last year.

I found Topshop maternity jeans in 34" leg were fine for me. Isabella Oliver wrap tops and dresses were also great.

Gap and H&M stuff was OK. H&M Mama do some great long maternity vests. I also found investing in some 'bump bands' a must, to mask up the gap between too short maternity tops and tops of trousers.

M&S extra long maternity leggings were good underneath long tunic tops, and their long black 'jersey' pants (basically yoga pants) were also a lifesaver for when I got very big.
I struggled with PJs, though, and ended up buying Men's ones from Next/M&S.

MrsMattie Fri 08-May-09 09:17:20

Oh, and wider fit shoes from Evans for if/when your size 8's swell up grin

Cazzr Fri 08-May-09 09:24:58

haha, i was laughing with my friend about that catsuit only yesterday!

drifterdec10 Fri 08-May-09 10:16:16

Hi all,

Can I gatecrash? Also very pleased to see this thread. I am 6ft 2 and have a 37" inside leg (can get away with 36"), am 9 weeks pg and so starting to think about maternity clothes. I think (hope) I will generally get away with empire line long tops and floaty dresses from 'normal' shops, it's the bottoms that are the problem for me - I don't consider so-called Tall ranges that end at 33/34" to be tall! I find LTS clothes to be a bit of a rip-off occasionally, quality can be v. poor for the price you have to pay and their jeans/trousers just don't seem to fit properly - I get a baggy crotch for some reason! Also unfortunately have size 11 feet so god knows what I will do if my feet swell up it's hard enough getting 11s!

I buy most of my shoes from (used to be called ninetoeleven) and I see they also have a maternity page here
No selection at all really, basically a bump band and a pair of yoga pants BUT the yoga pants are 36" leg and their jeans go up to 38" leg. I have a couple of pairs of 38" jeans and trousers from them and they've been lifesavers. Their bump band is apparently designed to hook on to their jeans and trousers. I have also bought some nice long wrap tops from this site too, although some of it is more teenage than adult.

Isabella Oliver has tops that I've heard fit tall ladies, lovely classic well-cut stuff, they have a sale on at the mo here - ends May 10 though so be quick!

I bought some 36" seven for all mankind bootcut jeans at Bicester village outlet centre last week (it's a fairly new shop), the most comfortable pair I've ever owned and bump will fit nicely over the top, however they were 110 quid (choke!), but down from 160.

Sorry I'm rambling and if this repeats some of the above, I've been on the hunt for tall clothes especially trousers/skirts since I was 15 and LTS's catalogue was a stapled together, black and white, badly typed pamphlet that stocked about 8 items. I am 35 now and I've seen loads of tall retailers (e.g. Dizzy Heights, Liz label, Lush shoes) that showed some promise come and go in this time). I live in hope that things can only get better as the nation grows taller.

By the way, I came across another tall maternity clothes thread on MN here

Hope this is of some help and that more tall ladies share their tips

FSB Fri 08-May-09 14:00:30

it's a bit of a nightmare... i'm only 5'10'', but i really stuggled to find trousers that weren't just that inch or so too short, so i've spent most of my pregnancy in cropped trousers and jeans tucked into knee high boots... god knows what you properly tall ladies do!!

it does really annoys me that shops who normally do a good range of longer leg trousers, just stop catering for those customers when they get pregnant. angry

Longtalljosie Fri 08-May-09 19:32:08

WinkyWinkola that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen, ever shock

My maternity jeans have finally turned up from Next - what a relief. I didn't start looking for them until I really needed them and then they had a 1-2 week (in reality just over 2 week) wait for delivery.

They're here - an inch shorter than I normally take, but they seem fine actually. Frankly, I just took what I could. And figured since they were only £25 even if they were a bit short, I'd live.

I do agree with you FSB - couldn't believe Gap only do maternity jeans in regular. Although on the plus side they do do a really nice maternity demin skirt which I'd recommend...

SAEJ Sun 10-May-09 02:28:40

I am 5ft 11, had my first last year and TTC number 1. I resorted to living in skirts after really struggling to fins any trousers to fit.

Top Shop do, rarely, have some long maternity items - I managed to get one pair of black trousers which were ace. E Bay is pretty good too. Isabella Oliver is expensive but I did find their skirts to fit well, wear well and look fab from tiny to huge bump!!

Have resorted to getting my mum to modify Top Shop Tall range trousers! Really have no idea how there is such a small selection available!!

dueinjune Mon 11-May-09 19:41:45


Could try Their trousers come in a 35" and 37" inside leg and they are really comfy. Lifesaver for me as they are really easy to look after and have made my huge behind appear smaller!! Got an offer on at the minute so i might have to get another pair! grin

alana39 Wed 20-May-09 13:55:15

I've just received a pair of Jojo Maman Bebe straight leg jeans - they say their extra long is 33" inside leg and I'm normally at 34" so was expecting them to be barely long enough, but they are actually too long and have been turning them up to go out in the rain! Haven't measured them but might be worth a look if you need jeans around 35" - and they're £29 so not too expensive, and very dark so look smarter than some others.

LeeWT Wed 20-May-09 19:26:22

i'm only 5 7 but take 34 leg and its hard to find clothes.

Rants are as follows:
No maternity pants anywhere! Ugly maternity bras everywhere but you have to team them up with some spiffing size 22 old lady pants in your third semester grrrr

No nice maternity pyjamas - similar situation of going up size after size in marksys pyjamas. This is SERIOUS because I live in pyjamas after 7pm!

Coats - I had to make do with a poncho effect thing the last time right through the winter I was constantly freezing!

Any suggestions to these prbs ladies?

alana39 Wed 20-May-09 19:42:04

Hi Lee, the least unpleasant cheapish underwear I've found is in mothercare so might be worth a look. They have some nursing bras (I am wearing them whilst pg because they're no underwired) with floral and polka dot prints and then packs of pants that match.

I haven't found anything else that doesn't either look disgusting (m&s should be ashamed of themselves, I got told off for buying an underwired bra in a bigger size in there when 9 weeks as I couldn't bring myself to buy their maternity ones) or you have to spend lots. Don't know about pjs, I live in yoga pants when I get home and on earlier post on this thread I put a link to some long ones. Could just wear with Tshirt or something maybe?

If you find anything better let us know!

LeeWT Wed 20-May-09 22:23:32

lol will check out mothercare. am early on so sticking to my underwires for another couple weeks..

will try yoga pants, i live in ireland and we have a shop called dunnes that sometimes has good stuff like that..

i do find next great and am going to look out for a winter coat thats old fashioned and kind of balloons below the boobs if that makes sense lol

will check back here for more hints smile

Longtalljosie Thu 21-May-09 06:45:56

These pyjamas are "coming soon" apparently

Although I'm wondering if I should just go for regular length pjs - I mean, they're only pyjamas after all. The other thing I saw in Mothercare is some cropped leg pyjamas which would mean the difference wasn't so bad?

blondieminx Sat 23-May-09 00:16:03

Hi ladies, will be watching this thread with interest - 35" inside leg here and while only 7 weeks gone with my first but already panicking about whether I'll be able to find clothes long enough to fit and wide enough to accomodate a bump!

HotButteredToast Tue 02-Nov-10 12:51:42

I know this thread is about 18 months old but what a lifesaver! Maybe my additional comment shall rejuvenate it and help others. Thanks for the links to long trousers. Long Tall Sally is complete rubbish, with bad quality, synthetic clothes on offer even when you're not pregnant.

Some ladies here have commented on large shoes being a problem. As a size 10, I too am dreading my feet getting larger. Shoe shops I have used in the past include: Mainly frumpy and expensive but you can find some nice things if you hunt. expensive but classic chic. They've now got Pretty Ballerina producing shoes in larger sizes. Frumperama but if it's comfort you're looking for, no one does it better than shoe makers from Northampton.

These last two have shops on Chiltern Street in London, the Street of Amazonian Women that also has a couple of other large-sized shoe shops and the terrible LTS. 5 minute walk from Baker Street tube if you want to try before you buy.

As for online shoes, Katie Long Shoes is great. I've bought some lovely ballerina slippers from her.

Otherwise you can brave Dutch shoe shops. Taller ladies over there = more variety. Try
or and

Good luck!

On a final note, Isabella Oliver Wrap tops... hmmm... I'm 6ft tall, 12 weeks with barely a bump and the wrap only JUST fits. Fortunately it was an ebay purchase but a real disappointment nonetheless. Anyone else who's tall had similar travails? Or maybe I'm just being rubbish with the wrapping technique.

yellowmo Thu 04-Nov-10 20:04:22

Ditto to HotButteredToast's sentiments...

So disappointed with LTS... I'm 5'11" with 36" leg with only 8 weeks gone starting to find existing trousers too tight - defo too much bloat really can't stand pressure on my stomach. So maternity trousers and suspenders are on the way. Anyone got any more up_to_date links for more long legged trousers too - beanpole bumps looked exciting but they have no stock it's all sold?!!!

Thank you all you other tall mummies in advance!!!

HotButteredToast Fri 05-Nov-10 19:59:15

yellowmo I've just bought two pairs of boot leg jeans and the yoga pants on
They are on special at the moment, so rather than paying £70 a pop, they're closer to £40. Still not super cheap but cheaper than LTS. I got the link from one of the earlier posts on this talk.
I hope that helps. I'll report back on fit when then arrive but it might be worth buying some pairs anyway, risking postage costs to send them back, as the sale is on.

HotButteredToast Sat 06-Nov-10 19:51:38

Jeans have arrived from mummylonglegs already. Fantastic and they fit so well!

strawberriesncream Sat 06-Nov-10 20:06:10

I'm 6ft and struggled with clothing last pregnancy. I'm now 20wks with number 2. Last time round I ended up buying lots of cheap tops from supermarkets in really big sizes. Not great but not too bad - this time I think it'll be easier as I've already found some really lovely tops in H&M mama...

What about buggies though?? I think finding a big enough buggy that doesn't give you constant backache harder to deal with than the clothing issue! Anyone got any ideas re this?

Pootle78 Sat 06-Nov-10 21:45:28

I'm 5 10" with a 34" leg and have found that Asda maternity range to be a life saver! Their long trousers are brilliant and I have black trousers and some black jeans. I think they only sell it at the very large "Wall Mart" stores, I know Milton Keynes and Watford have one.

What really p's me off is New Look, they always seem to put the tall range next to the maternity range and the longest jeans they do are 32" wtf - that just takes the p*ss! You can be tall or pregnant, you can't be both!

bootus Sun 07-Nov-10 07:57:32

Hi Ladies, I started a thread on this a few weeks ago as also have 36" inside leg and think maternity clothing is woeful for us taller ladies. First time round I was heavily pg in summer so this time I was panicking about finding some decent (not too expensive) jeans. In the event I found 2 pairs from topshop (34") but cos they sit low on the bump they somehow seems longer and with boots over the top they are fine, and also a pair from Zara which were shown to me on here. They were both £40 so not bad. The zara maternity range consisted of one rail with about 5 things on it, was bit [shocked] seeing as it was the huge one in Oxford Circus. I also echo the bump bands...great with longer tops and the Asda in watford does seem to have longish tops though havent tried the trews on, I shall go and look! Other than that i'm just stocking up on big jumpers from Primark.....roll on the day someone clocks on and realises a nice, inexpensive, fashoonable mat range for the long legged is needed!!!

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