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vulvar varicosities

(5 Posts)
piupiu Thu 07-May-09 11:32:05

I've just been diagnosed with vulvar varicosities - has anyone else had this?
It's so uncomfotable and i've got over 4 months to go!
Any suggestions for how to releive it or make it go away?
All help VERY gratefully received!

whomovedmychocolate Thu 07-May-09 20:54:04

Oh god it's horrible isn't it! My fanjo looked so bloody weird in late pregnancy last time.

Yes it does go - mine was completely better in three weeks post partum - mind you I had a section! Don't know how much the birth affects it.

It's really common and it's really horrible, I feel for you. I found warm baths helped reduce the swelling.

I do remember waking up one morning and feeling like someone had injected my fanjo with balloonfuls of water!

Maddy06 Fri 08-May-09 00:36:56

oh wow - i thought i was the only person in the world to have this!! books etc usually only mention varicose veins in the legs, or piles. I was plagued by 'vulvar' issues towards the end of my last preg, and am already in a lot of discomfort in my current preg - about 5 months in. Things did sort themselves out pretty well post-partum last time. But I'm really not looking forward to getting heavier this time. Already feel so much pressure down there, veins bulging all over the place. Not glamorous is it??!!! I also have developed a lovely varicose vein in my bum cheek!!

whomovedmychocolate Fri 08-May-09 09:03:14

If you do a search on pregnancy and fanjo swelling you will find it's exceptionally normal round here shock

blessthisbliss Tue 28-Jul-09 16:40:06

Hi all, I am new here and not sure if anyone can help or has experienced this but I also have a major vulvar varicose vein but the difference is, this has suddenly appeared 3 weeks AFTER having my second child, who was born by C-section.

Does anyone know whether it will go or am I stuck with this horrible thing?!

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

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