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Brown discharge now red and worried 11 weeks pregnant

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Bolly72 Thu 07-May-09 10:47:05

Hi to all this is my first post, it's a great web site for mums by mums!
I'm woried at the moment because for the last 3 days I've has a brown discharge I am 11 weeks pregnant I've spoken to my MW and seen my GP and as i've not got any pain they reassured me. But this morning it's now changed to a definate red blood I've still not got any pain but I am so worried while trying not to stress myself too much. I've managed to get a scan booked in for 3 days time but this seems a lifetime away. This baby was a surprise as my partner had a vasectomy last year!! but now I'm pregnant we want this baby so much has anyone had a simalar experience??

AttillaTheHan Thu 07-May-09 10:50:55

Hi Bolly and welcome!
I had bleeding/ brown discharge at regular 4 weekly intervals when i was pregnant with dd. You are doing the right thing contacting your gp etc. Don't worry too much, if you are very worried then get back in touch with your doctor or Early Pregnancy unit at the hospital.
Good luck and try to relax.

Picante Thu 07-May-09 10:51:06

Have you got any cramps?

Bolly72 Thu 07-May-09 10:53:51

No cramps but dihoreea [Spelling!] but that may be as im worked up about it

Picante Thu 07-May-09 16:45:17

No cramps is def a really good sign. Can't you get a blood test done earlier to test for HCG levels? The only thing you can do unfortunately is wait. Fingers crossed for you.

funnypeculiar Thu 07-May-09 16:49:49

Welcome Bolly!

I had lots of bleeding in both my pregnancies (my 'babies' are now 3 & 5). It was so scary, and I can quite understand that 3 days seems like forever.

Did your GP mention EPU at all? Lots of places have a drop in Early Pregnancy Unit where you can wait for a scan on that morning (it's a first come first served service usually, and often mornings only). At 11 weeks you would just qualify (once you hit 12 weeks, strangly, it becomes much more difficult to get a scan...)

I would either try and talk to your GP (perhaps a quick phone chat?) or maybe even ring NHS Direct and ask them - I was refered to EPU by NHS Direct - much less hassle than having to go to GP, then to EPU the following day...

funnypeculiar Thu 07-May-09 16:51:44

Oh, and should say, I had brown and red bleeding, AND cramps ... my (eventual) diagnosis was cervical erosion - which is benign, very common, and much less scary than it sounds!

FattipuffsandThinnifers Thu 07-May-09 17:12:49

Bleeding in pg is very common - 1 in 3 women have it according to what a EPU dr once told me, so please try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know).

But as others have said, 3 days seems like a longish time to have to wait for a scan. Is there an EPU at your local hospital? Most large hospitals have them and you can just turn up without an appointment.

Best of luck.

Bolly72 Thu 07-May-09 18:45:58

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts unfortunatley my bleeding has got worse and has now got clots i've spoken to the local gyne unit out of hours and they've said that they wouldn't scan tonight but if things are still the same then go in first thing tomorrow, i also forgot to mention on my first post that I have got an erosion and the bleeding did start the day after intercourse so with no pain having an erosion already i'm just hoping it's the intercourse that's 'set it off' will keep you informed

funnypeculiar Fri 08-May-09 09:41:02

Hope things are going well for you Bolly - do let us know how you've got on

Bolly72 Sun 10-May-09 08:56:09

It was the worst possible out come. My bleeding continued to increase so on thurs I was admitted to the Gynae ward where they monitered me I had a scan on fri morning which just showed and empty sac and no 'product' as they described it but on further examination my cervix was still closed and I hadn't passed anything to say i'd had a miscarriage my bleeding contiuned and after collapsing and my blood pressure dropping dangerously low they took me to theatre where they preformed a D&C they said that I'd had an incomplete miscarriage and they removed the 'produect' then. I needed a blood transfusion and stayed on the ward until saturday where they then discharged me

It obviously was meant to be we are totally devastated and are both very tearful. Thanks for everyones support.

rubles Sun 10-May-09 09:01:59

Oh no, poor you. that's so sad. I am really sorry.

whodathoughtit Sun 10-May-09 09:06:43

So, so sorry to hear that.

Ohwhatacrapmasfear Sun 10-May-09 12:55:40

So sorry to hear your sad news.

Jacanne Sun 10-May-09 13:04:10

So sorry to hear this.

hackneybird Sun 10-May-09 13:36:23

So sorry to hear this, Bolly.

I had an mmc last year, so I know how you feel.

Will be thinking of you. xx

Vaners Wed 11-Nov-09 18:17:02

Hello Everyone!
This is my first post as well. Last November 2008 I was 9 weeks pregnant and miscarried. I had no symptoms besides slight spotting for 2 days (brown/red discharge), which alarmed me. My GP scheduled a ultrasound the same day, and the Sonographer found no heartbeat. My husband and I were beside ourselves. Following the diagnosis, that evening I started to miscarry, with no discomfort, my husband called 911 since I was losing alot of blood, my blood pressure dropped as well. Fortunately I did not require a D & C, since they helped me along at the ER. I was admitted for 2 days, to monitor me. I'm grateful for the doctors and nurses at the ER, and also for my family/friends support during this trying time. Things do happen for a reason, this time was not our time.
I'm now 11 weeks pregnant November 2009, and recently I've been spotting brown discharge for the past few days. I'm very anxious, so decided to call my OBGYN, he said if I'm not having having an increase of red flow, to just take it easy. Since I didn't have any symptoms last year, I'm extremely nervous. I also mentioned I'm having a constant dull backache, he said my uterus is just growing, so not to worry. I have a ultrasound scheduled for Friday...yes the 13th, I'm not usually superstitious but I am now... Any suggestions ladies???

babyboom1979 Wed 11-Nov-09 18:55:41

Vaners, so sorry to hear you are having a stressful time. I have had two miscarriages so can really empathise with the anxiety.

I think the only thing you can really do is rest with feet up until your next scan. Many women bleed in pregnancy but this still doesn't feel comforting when you just want to see your healthy baby on the screen!

I am sending you loads of positive thoughts. And Friday the 13th is just like any other day, I certainly wouldn't worry about it.

All the best....

babyboom1979 Wed 11-Nov-09 18:59:37

Btw, if waiting till friday feels excruciatingly long, you could also book a private scan tomorrow. I did this once as I couldn't cope with the hourly anxiety. I just HAD to know. However, I am sure you are much more patient.

Please keep us posted.

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