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false positive triple test results

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q8 Sat 30-Apr-05 14:54:29

I received a false positive on the triple test for trisomy 18 with a higher than 1 in 10 chance. I was devastated as trisomy 18 babies have a high death rate at birth. After opting for an amnio for correct diagnosis I discovered all was fine. Just a word of warning about the high rate of incorrect results from triple tests and the undue worry and unecessary amnios resulting from these false positives. In my case the triple test was administered too early which caused a false positive. The amnio procedure was fine due to my careful choice of an amnio specialist. Minimise your risks if you opt for an amnio and do your homework to ensure your amnio doc is specialised and extremely experienced. Big hugs to any other mums who are in the "worrying phase" after receiving positive results from the triple test. It usually works out fine and worrying does not help your baby, so try to stay positive.

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