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Pain on c-section scar - 35 weeks pg

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llynnnn Sun 03-May-09 18:44:41


For the last day or so I've had a pain on one end of my c-section scar, its just when I walk and feels like a pulling pain, but is getting worse. Looking at it (not easy with the HUGE bump in the way!) that end of the scar is much more raised than the other

Has anyone else had this? Is it normal?

I'm not at the midwife until Friday so am after reassurance really!

Chulita Sun 03-May-09 19:50:13

Hello! No idea, sorry, but bumping for you. Hope it stops hurting soon!! I'm hoping to try for DC2 in the next few months after c-sec with dd so I'd deffo like to know what people say.

llynnnn Sun 03-May-09 20:05:15

thanks Chulita, and good luck to you!

Am I the only one with this??


MIAonline Sun 03-May-09 20:24:42

bumping for you smile

Denny185 Sun 03-May-09 20:27:23

I got some pulling/tugging sensations on one side of scar in 3rd prgnancy and all was ok.

Think if your worried though it wont hurt to ring midwife for a quick chat.

JoeJoe1977 Sun 03-May-09 21:37:43

I had something similar for last couple of months of pregnancy with DS2, midwife checked me over and said it was probably scar tissue pulling or a strained ligament. It continued until the end of pregnancy, not getting worse but not getting any better either!

Any pain in pregnancy probably best discussed with your midwife as she knows your medical history and will be able to examine you if she thinks it is needed.

llynnnn Sun 03-May-09 21:44:34

thanks Miaonline for the bump.

Denny - were your pains when you walked/moved about?

llynnnn Mon 04-May-09 10:35:08


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