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Aargh - can't get a midwife booking in appointment until too late for scans/tests. What do I do now?

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NotTellingYet Fri 29-Apr-05 16:36:16

I've just been told that I can't even get a booking in appointment with a midwife until AT LEAST 6th June (by which time will be 12+3) - there are no appointments available before then, and they're not making any yet for then. If, on a week on Monday, the list isn't full once the midwife's clinic is finished I might be able to get an appointment for then. Otherwise it's wait another week, and then again might, etc...

Apparently nothing can be done about arranging scans until after the booking in (and then it's likely to be another couple of weeks). As I'm 39 (will be 40 before this one is born), and hence in a higher risk group, I don't really want to miss out on the scan/associated tests.

Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do about it?

I've found a couple of places reasonably local to me which do private scans, etc - anyone used The Fetal Imaging Centre in Banbury or Leamington, or MUMS near Birmingham?

Kiwifruit Fri 29-Apr-05 16:41:16

Hi - I was in the same situation for my first scans, and I ended up doing them privately. Am in London, so don't know anything about the places that you're asking about, but I went to the Fetal Medicine Clinic in Harley St, and a Nuchal scan with associated blood tests was £130, which should give you an idea of how much it will cost. Also had a dating scan first, as did actually get a scan appointment, but according to my dates it was going to be too late for the nucal fold scan, so wanted to check the dates first (I was right, the scan would have been too late).

koalabear Fri 29-Apr-05 16:44:19

ring, ask to speak to midwife, or for her to call you back when she is free, explain problem, and ask if she can at least book the first scan for you (so you will just do your booking appointment after scan - its mainly paperwork anyway) - you have a right to treatment under the NHS and I would be very vocal about it - good luck

expatinscotland Fri 29-Apr-05 16:48:05

Go private. That's absolutely ridiculous that anyone over 35 can't get a scan at all, much less a nuchal fold one.

koalabear Fri 29-Apr-05 16:50:04

am in same boat, but they will not offer nuchal scan any more in my area - they will only offer blood tests at 16 weeks to scan for down syndrome, and then 20 week abnormality scan

so we paid for private nuchal scan (going next week)

foxinsocks Fri 29-Apr-05 16:51:38

Have you told them you want a nuchal scan? Is this your first pregnancy?

I only ask because with my second I don't think I got an appointment with the midwife for AGES. I think I had a dating scan without seeing a midwife and then had an appointment a few weeks after that to see her. For second pregnancies, they have many fewer midwife appointments (if your first pregnancy was straight forward).

I think in your situation I would give it one more go (telling them you want a nuchal scan) and if you don't get anywhere, book in for a private nuchal scan somewhere.

debs26 Fri 29-Apr-05 16:53:03

i would call midwife and hospital to see if anything can be done. my midwife arranged house calls and out of hours appts for me because i was at uni and could not make it on the half day she was at gps surgery. i think most midwifes work f/t and do lots of house calls anyway so she may be willing to come and see you if they cannot arange anything at surgery. good luck, there is no harm in being cheeky about this

Ameriscot2005 Fri 29-Apr-05 16:55:01

My GP did the paperwork that triggered the scans (both the 11 and 21 week scans). Saw the GP at around 8 weeks, had a scan at 11 weeks followed by a GP a/n appt. Booking-in and first mw appt at 16 weeks.

WideWebWitch Fri 29-Apr-05 16:57:17

I lived in Devon when I was pregnant with dd and they don't offer nuchal fold scans full stop so I had to pay. Is this what you mean? Nuchal fold? If so, you prob do have to pay if you want one, there's no guarantee your trust has chosen to offer them anyway. I saw a midwife for quick booking at 10 weeks but then I don't think I saw another for ages.

NotTellingYet Fri 29-Apr-05 16:59:39

foxinsocks - no, 2nd PG, and the first was very straightforwards. BUT... the receptionist didn't ask that, or even ask my name, age, anything. I did try to explain that it would make it too late for scans, but she just said to "ring back a week on Monday between 4 and 5 and you might be lucky" and put the phone down on me.

AngelCakeUmm Fri 29-Apr-05 16:59:58

Where i am the mw sees you for the first time at 9 weeks then you get your scan through the post for between 11-13 weeks then go back for another scan between 20-22 weeks.

I would not have is your right for NHS treatment and why should you pay?

Azure Fri 29-Apr-05 17:03:38

I was recently in the same boat, having to wait until 12 weeks + for a midwife's appointment and not able to book a scan until after the appointment. I'm 38, had had 2 miscarriages and the GP had marked my referral at 6 weeks as urgent (I also had to phone up to press for an appointment when none came through). After the midwife's appointment I was luckily able to book a scan for a few day's later, although there was absolutely no flexibility in dates and DH wasn't able to come as he was on a short business trip. It's ridiculous that you can't even get an appointment with the midwife. You have up to 13 weeks 6 days for a nuchal test - I would be tempted to book a test privately, and cancel it if the NHS test happens. My only experience privately is in London, but apparently a combined nuchal scan and blood test is recommended.

NotTellingYet Fri 29-Apr-05 17:03:59

Ameriscot2005 - here the GP's just tell you to see the midwife (I made that mistake last time and got told off for wasting his time).

www - around here they generally do normal ultrasound scans/blood tests at 10-12 weeks, and then maybe extra tests (including the nuchal - but it needs to be done at/before 14 weeks)depending upon the outcome of those. The best scenario dates I've been given at the moment are going to be after that.

Mirage Fri 29-Apr-05 18:34:06

I'm on my 3rd pregnancy & couldn't get an appt for my 28wk blood tests (am RH neg).My GP's surgery suggested that I ring the local maternity hospital & they were happy to see me.There does seem to be a shortage of midwives,but it seems to be a funding problem.There was an article in our local paper about the government encouraging women to train as midwives,only to find that,once they were qualified,there were not enough jobs for them all.It is an awful situation.

foxinsocks Fri 29-Apr-05 21:08:18

I think Azure's idea is a good one - find a private clinic that does nuchal scans (I guess if no-one has any experience of them, then ask lots of questions - sometimes the people who work in them are the same as the NHS hospitals anyway but are working privately on some days IYSWIM), book an appointment - at the same time pester your local hospital for your scan and see what comes up.

It does sound odd and I can't see why they haven't prioritised you because of your age (not suggesting you're old but you know what I mean!). Perhaps they will do it privately at your own hospital?

mogwai Sat 30-Apr-05 09:36:38

Well, this is not exactly the right thing to do, but tell your GP you are worried about viability and he will book you in for a scan almost immediately. This happened to me, I sympathise with you, My GP midwife totally overlooked me because I am not delivering at the local hospital, she "forgot" to refer me to the place I do want to deliver, so I had to do loads of chasing around, by which time I wasn't going to get a 12 week scan at all. I went to see the GP and he got me an appointment for scan the next day. The hospital obviously keep some scan appointments free for emergencies.

I later had some bleeding on christmas day and was scanned on boxing day with no problem whatsoever.

Good luck!

Holly290505 Sun 01-May-05 18:58:38

Hi NotTelling - not much useful info in terms of testing but I had a scan at MUMS near Birmingham about six weeks ago and found them to be fantastic. Very frinedly and professional (and reasonable compared to london prices!) HTH

piggyinthemiddle Mon 02-May-05 10:04:17

It sounds like the GP receptionist does not really understand why it is so important for you to see the mw at this stage. Why don't you ring the community midwives' office at your local maternity unit and ask for the mw covering your GP surgery to call you back. She will be able to help you.

usingalias Mon 02-May-05 10:36:35

I was pregnant 3 years ago and wanted to book a nuchal scan. I went to the GP and asked her to refer me. She gave me the paperwork and I took it to the hospital. They made the appointment direct. No midwife involved. I don't know if things have changed now or whether it depends on area. HTH

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