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miscarriage in feb, pregnant again but bleeding dark brown discharge!!!!!

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avanismum Wed 29-Apr-09 19:41:12

Hi All,

i suppose im writing on here for some much needed hope!

i have a 3 1/2 year old dd with whom my pregnancy went brill.

me and my new partner got pregnant in feb 09 and miscarried at 5 weeks.

i got a positive preg result on tuesday last week. started having morning sickness, being tired the works.

my last period was on 20/03/09

on sunday i had some light pink spotting, it stopped and this has now turned into dark brown discharge which started on monday night. on tuesday i had a trans vaginal scan and she said it was too early to see anything, but that the wall if my womb was thickened etc and ive to go back in 2 weeks for a scan......this is torture!!!!

did another preg test today which was again positive, but not very strong...this was a cheapo asda make (does the strength of the line mean anything??) plus i havent felt sick today...not majorly worried about this as when i was pregnant with my dd i only had it fully from about 8 weeks.

the discharge isnt consistant, sometimes i think its stopped then it will come back, there also has been some stringy bits?? too much info i know. ive had 1 pad on all day and there isnt much on there only when i wipe!

has anyone else had this??

we need some much needed reassurance please

stace (and shaine)


chipmonkey Wed 29-Apr-09 20:46:10

I had brown discharge for the first 14 weeks of my pg with ds3! It was very worrying so I know how you feel.It never went bright red and I had no pain. I got another bleed at 24 weeks which the obs said was unrelated and turned out to be placenta praevia but again I stress that this was unrelated to the early bleeding. Anyhow he is now a very vocal 4 year old and very healthy!

RaspberryBlower Wed 29-Apr-09 20:55:38

I bled regulary throughout my pregnancy, everything from dark brown to red and all shades in between, stringy bits, you name it.

It was a bit of a nightmare, but healthy baby girl at the end of it.

They always told me that bleeding is quite common in pregnancy, but you can never know for sure whether it's benign or not so best to always have it checked out anyway.

Best of luck!

onelittlespeckledfrog Wed 29-Apr-09 21:03:48

Hi avanismum,

I am a bit further along than you (8 weeks tomorrow) but have also had 2 miscarriages, so I understand how worrying it is. Anyway - I had a scan last week and everything was fine - little baby, heartbeat flickering away. Then on Sat I got brown doisharge, just like you're describing, and have had it on / off ever since. I had another scan today, and everything is still completely fine! (I'm thrilled!!)

So it can be okay- I hope it is for you.

myfeethurt Wed 29-Apr-09 21:07:10

brown just means it's old blood. Its very common to bleed i early pregnancy and very often nothing to worry about, go and get it checked out tomorrow.

aliciajane90 Wed 13-May-09 20:18:41

I need help..
I had my last period on the 27th of march on time for 5 days although I noticed it was heavier than usual. I did not use any contraception whilst having sex although my partner pulled out (i know this is useless because of pre-cum)Anyway, my next period didnt arrive, I left it a few days then took two pregancy tests, both negative. I still have not come on although I have today some darkish brown discharge which is mainly there when I wipe my self although in my knickers a bit too so ive worn a pad (sounds loverly blush Its definatly not a proper period though.

Can anyone tell me if theyve had a similar experience and what it is..

thanks xxxx

AitchTwoOh Wed 13-May-09 20:38:28

i'm sorry to worry you but brown (often described as 'prune juice') bleeding can be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy. it's pretty essential that both of you get this checked out, i'm afraid.

DawnAS Wed 13-May-09 21:41:34

AitchTwoOh, not disagreeing with you at all (haven't had an EP so don't have experience) but I thought the bleeding accompanying an EP was dark purple as opposed to brown.

I thought brown blood was just old blood as others have mentioned...

I could be totally wrong though!

ronshar Wed 13-May-09 21:51:08

Lots of women have bleeding in early preganacy.
I have had a MMC and a 6week MC. I now have a 7month old DS.
I know what you are going through and yes the wait is torture.
The only thing you can do is wait I'm afraid. If it is too early for the scan to pick up any sign of a baby then they wont scan you. 6 weeks is normally the earliest.
Aliciajane. You need to get to your GP tomorrow. If nothing else you need to know why your periods have stopped and it could be an ectopic. Very serious for you if left.

AitchTwoOh Wed 13-May-09 22:44:24

i'm afraid you are wrong, dawn. wink prune juice is classically ectopic and described as brown blood rather than purple. of course it's not a given that one indicates the other, as plenty of us know it's perfectly possible to have bleeding and for all to be fine. it's just that having had two ectopics, i know if treatment is swift things do go better, so it's always worth checking out.

xfabba Wed 13-May-09 22:52:56

hi there with my ds1 i had quite a lot of brown blood pretty much as you describe at 7 weeks. I had previously had a mc at 7 weeks so thought it was all over but that was more red blood/clots and lots of cramping. I went to the EPU for a scan and all looked good so they concluded was old implantation blood. He is now 4. Really hope it works out this way for you too. Go to EPU asap to see what is going on as, one way or another, you need to know what is happenning.

Jasie Mon 18-May-09 11:21:56

Me and my boyfriend have been trying for a family and at last I am pregnant for the first time! However last night I had some cramps and lost about a teaspoon of blood! This morning I woke up and there's brown discharge similar to what I used to get before my period with little stringy bits in it! I went to my GP who has arranged a scan for me for friday which will be my sixth week! I am terrified of loosing this baby! As well as that my boyfriend has said if I miscarry he wants to now wait before trying again but he won't say how long for! It feels as though I was so happy now it's all going wrong! I'm so scared! Has anyone had similar experiences? How worried should I be?

alana39 Tue 19-May-09 13:16:25

Jasie sorry to hear you're going through this - as others have said it is perfectly possible to have bleeding of many varieties and go onto have a healthy baby. I've had brown spotting for a few weeks of this pregnancy (now 16 weeks) and so far so good. There is no point in telling you not to worry until you have the scan, because I'm sure you will go on worrying until you know what is going on but do try to remember that bleeding doesn't always mean miscarriage - could be implantation, could be one of those things they never find a cause for and it's great that you have an understanding GP as not all of them will arrange scans this early unless you have more bleeding / pain etc. Good luck on Friday, let us know how you get on.

kittz76 Fri 05-Jun-09 08:38:13

I'm going to suggest something to all of you worried...
I've recently lost a little girl...this is due to what seems like cervical incompetence..i had pre term labour..and they think my cervix could have been open quite some time.
when i had a bleed at 2 and a half months. the scans never shown up nothing and they could not see where i could have had the bleed.
now i refused them looking at my cervix before as i know that sometimes messing can bring on miscarriage..

now i had similar to what others are describing early on in the pregnancy.
Don't panic as every case is different.

But I suggest that perhaps a none invasive way of looking at your cervix earlier to check for this issue is advisable..within your own limitation.
As your cervix being open can sometimes allow uterine infection. which also seems what spurred on my pre term labour.

caught early may stop further problems and loss at later stage...a cervical stitch placed before 16 weeks could stop anything progressing.

It was too late for me and our baby girl i was 4 cm dilated in pre term at 23 weeks and I'm telling my story not to panic you but to save you the possible heartache that we're enduring now and for the rest of our lives..

We our laying a baby to rest next week and now have to consider that I'll never have a normal pregnancy, I will have to go to obs for high risk and have a stitch placed in any future pregnancy.

I hope and pray for everyone who has these problems early on that everything goes well. and you all go on to have healthy and fruitful pregnancies.

And trust me alot do have no further problems..

good luck guys xxx

mummytobe09 Wed 29-Jul-09 11:44:20

I had a m/c in september last year at 11 weeks pregnant,i have still never got over than(as nobody probably does). to find out i was pregnant again was such an excitin time for me and my partner! From the midwifes calculations i should be 11-12 weeks pregnant. on sunday i noticed some dark brown discharge which worried me straight away however in my last m/c i did not experience that. i rang the midwife monday morning who booked me for a scan this friday. they tell you not to worry but how do you prevent worrying?

on monday afternoon i noticed a small amount of blood so went straight to a+e. after sitting there for 4 hours they said rest and wait for your scan. i came home and the bleeding had stopped and went back to dark brown discharge which put my mind at rest. then tuesday the same thing happened. slight bleeding then back to brown discharge.

has anybody experienced this before? i just want to know bluntly what is happening to me or my mind put at rest.

any help please?

TULIP2110 Wed 29-Jul-09 12:33:17

hi mummytobe

Hope I can give you a bit of reassurance. I had 2 m/c (at 8 and 12 weeks) before DD1. I'm now preggers again (13) weeks but started bleeding bright red 5 days ago. The bright red quickly turned to dark brown and stringy looking and seems to be easing off today. I had an emergency scan today and all is well! They saw no obvious reason on the scan for the bleeding and said that ata round this time the placenta is really taking over and is attaching to the womb wall which could cause capillaries to burst, and there are lots of other reasons why bleeding like this can occur which don't actually affect the baby.

They only said to get back in touch with them if the bleeding suddenly changes to bright red with lots of it but to try not to worry if brown mucas like or stringy etc.

I know its horrible waiting (having waited 5 days for my scan!) but i figurd the longer i wait the conclusive the scan will be. If i had the scan on Monday i would still be worryng now that something may have gone wrong since, but beause i was bleeing for 5 days an everything is still ok, i'm much more relieved.

Hope this makes sense and helps!

mummytobe09 Wed 29-Jul-09 12:37:38


I understand what u mean about wating then if anything is goin to happen it will have started by my scan friday. my bleeding has never been bright red just slight little bits of brown and dark red. its reasuring to know somebody out there is experiencing the same as i am.

will write back on friday after my scan hopefully telling u all is well. the hospital have also said if everything appears fine on the scan theres an 80% chance i will not m/c. dont know were they get their statistics mind!

thanks for your help and kind words


Snooch Wed 29-Jul-09 13:01:10

I started bleeding with DS2 at around 7 weeks - lightish to very dark brown blood. One morning I was having my coffee and I felt a gush and looked down to see "prune coloured" blood and bits running down my legs - I was convinced that I had miscarried.

A scan the next day showed DS2's little heart beating away steadily, but that I had a large subchorionic haematoma, basically an area of bleeding between the uterus and the placenta. I was told that it was nothing to worry about and that there was no evidence to show that the haematoma causes problems. The bleeding stopped a couple of weeks later and by the time I had my next scan at 13 weeks, it had almost disappeared. I went on to have a normal and straightforward pregnancy and birth. There's all sorts of information on it on the internet, a lot of it not good which worried me no end, but the general consensus seems that in most cases it really is nothing to worry about. In fact, I actually think that I had one with DS1 as well as I bled on and off albeit very lightly, for the first three months with him.

Perhaps its possible that this was missed at the scan if it's a small haematoma?

mummytobe09 Mon 03-Aug-09 08:50:18

Had my scan friday and they found a yolk sack and said i could be 6weeks but from my last period i should be 12 weeks. they took my blood levels and i had them took again sunday and they had dropped which indicates a failed pregnancy. doctor has rang again this morning and wants to take them again because there wasnt a big drop however since yesterday i have started bleeding more and since having a m/c before i know i am having another. i am expecting to be admitted to hospital sometime today.

TULIP2110 Mon 03-Aug-09 10:06:04

Awww Mummytobe - i'm so sorry to hear that, its heartbreaking isn't it. Hope you're being looked after and are getting lots of cuddles.

mummytobe09 Wed 05-Aug-09 14:06:39

Yes very hard to deal with a very sad time. Being looked after. Thanks for all the help iv recived on here,hope to be back soon with good news. fingers crossed. xx

justmee Sun 09-Aug-09 10:34:44

im so sorry to hear about your loss.Its the most painful thing to go though iv just had my 3rd miscarriage and i think evey time it gets harder.
you need lots of suport from family and friends at ths time wish you all the best xxxx

justmee Sun 09-Aug-09 10:41:43

sorry i just read your last message.There is still hope for you and fingers crossed eveything will be ok.
not knowing whats going on is the worst part
wishing you lots of luck

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