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I need to buy extra long leg maternity jeans...NOW!!!

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ButtonMoon Thu 28-Apr-05 20:46:39

have just been on next website and they have sold out of ALL mat jeans in 14XL!!! Finding it difficult to get jeans long enough for my 34" inside leg that don't cost a fortune!! Really cheesed off...anyone know of anywhere I can get some (high st or online) obviously tall women don't get pregnant!?

cod Thu 28-Apr-05 20:53:55

Message withdrawn

emmatom Thu 28-Apr-05 21:07:32

Long Tall Sally have a website. Worth a try?

hoxtonchick Thu 28-Apr-05 21:08:35

definitely topshop. 40 quid, 36 inch leg. you can get them online i think.

dinny Thu 28-Apr-05 21:10:43

how's it going, Hoxtonchick? x

hoxtonchick Thu 28-Apr-05 21:18:11

hi dinny. not too bad thanks, 10 looooooooooong weeks to go. got great pics of baby at a scan yesterday, ds was entranced. how are you?

MissChief Fri 29-Apr-05 08:26:39

got mine from LTS - they've more or less discontinued mat stuff but do have jeans left if you do a search for them. I've got long legs too and found topshop?H & m & co too short for me (and the H & M ones really annoying as elasticated and seem never to fit however much/little pregnant I am)

chonky Fri 29-Apr-05 08:32:21

I got mine from LTS too. They only have jeans and some black trousers which were smart enough for work - thankfully otherwise I'd have been really stuck!
Anyway, if it cheers you up about the Next jeans, they were poor seconds to the LTS ones. They went holey after a lot of washing

mychelle Fri 29-Apr-05 12:10:46

I know what you mean i am 34" leg too. I rely on these stores, comments included: -

*Top Shop - sometimes the size they say is smaller
*River Island - as above
*Dot Perkins - Long length, sized as they should be - these are the safest bet

The rest are near, but dont quite cut it!

good luck, i share your frustration

NotTellingYet Fri 29-Apr-05 16:11:22

I've just bought some from Formes, and although I'm about a 31" inside leg, they need turning up about 6".

cod Fri 29-Apr-05 16:12:04

Message withdrawn

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