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Bayleaf - YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

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dot1 Thu 28-Apr-05 17:54:59

Just read that you're pregnant - I missed this news!! Just soooooooo pleased for you - I remember we were on one of the original TTC threads and I've often wondered how you were getting on but haven't seen you much on Mumsnet.

So, just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and hope all goes well!!

hana Thu 28-Apr-05 17:57:12

wow! congrats from me too, I remember both of your names when I was ttc for the first time but was a lurker only. lots of luck!

Hulababy Thu 28-Apr-05 18:11:52


Well done, and hope the nest few months go really smoothly for you.

bayleaf Fri 06-May-05 20:28:48

Gee thanks Dot!!!
That's really kind - I just did a double take seeing my name as I've been away so long and haven't got back to my former levels of addiction this time round!
I remember you well - didn't you have a ds inthe end? or was that your dp - I seem to remember she already had a child. Its all a bit vague in my memory now tho!! - how old is he/she now?
I'm feeling really good now - 22 weeks and FAT! (but who cares!!!)

batters Fri 06-May-05 20:43:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aloha Fri 06-May-05 20:53:57

Oh come on Bayleaf....just dip in now and can handle it....(evil cackle)

dot1 Sat 07-May-05 22:00:11

Glad you've replied - I was starting to feel silly!

Yes, I had a ds who's just over a year old now, and dp had had our first ds who's 3 1/2 - and I think that's it (although never say never?!).

Anyway, really glad all's going well and I'll look out for more lovely news in a few months time - so keep posting!

bunny2 Sat 07-May-05 22:33:34

and hi dot! How are you? Seems so long ago we were both pg

dot1 Tue 10-May-05 21:36:03

I'm fine - other than being completely knackered and torn between NEVER wanting to go through the whole pregnancy/little baby thing again, and getting really broody!!! How are you?!

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