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Helpful telephone number health in pregnancy grant

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heartmoonshadow Mon 27-Apr-09 09:31:34


If like me you get free 'normal' telephone class but not free '0845 or 0870' this is the telephone number for the health in pregnancy grant line 02920 501 178.

I spoke to them today my form was sent 3 weeks ago - they have no record yet but have said they will not be paying out until middle of May anyway because of backlog if that helps others.

Also for information I got the non-geographical number from a brill website call SAYNOTO0870 - you can get loads of real numbers here.

Hope this has been of use to everyone.


MrsToffeeCrisp Mon 27-Apr-09 09:42:30

Thanks HMS. Was just thinking I should ring them to chase up my payment but then saw your post! Think will leave it another week, am prob caught in the backlog too!

shellmc Mon 27-Apr-09 17:37:42

Thanku for that number i finally managed to speak to someone regarding the health in pregnancy grant today!!
I sent my form off 10 weeks ago and hadnt heard anything when i rang today the man informed me they had recieved my form and it had been awarded to me, and that my letter was sent out on the 25th with a date when the money will go into my account.

Just thought id let ya know, and that if anyone is trying to contact them to use this number rather than the 0845 or 0870 number
xxx good luck with urs xx

MikP68 Mon 19-Sep-16 13:03:46

HiPG is no longer available
02920 501178 is no longer used for HiPG

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