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Too much time on my hands theory, anyone care to indulge me?

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Tinker Thu 28-Apr-05 10:37:31

If you have painful or frequent Braxton Hicks, was your labout more intense but less problemtic?

Just curious since have lots of BHs and did last time.

Thank you patient people

Pamina3 Thu 28-Apr-05 10:45:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrophyWife Thu 28-Apr-05 10:55:34

i had lost of realy strong BH from about 25 weeks infact they got so strong that i through that it was the real thing twice, i found that i had a realy easy not too painfull birth that only lasted 11.5 hours, compared to my mates who didnt have any BH and had labours of 25+ hours.

TrophyWife Thu 28-Apr-05 10:56:11

lots not lost

northstar Thu 28-Apr-05 10:57:26

No BH ever either. When my labour started my contractions soon got very intense, and lasted 10 hours.

Tinker Thu 28-Apr-05 11:11:05

12 days

Pamina3 Thu 28-Apr-05 11:21:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Thu 28-Apr-05 11:24:40

Think we've got a girl's name sorted but not a middle anme. Still in a dilemma about a boy's name!

I'm hoping that watching teh match next week will maybe push me into some action. Maybe.

Nik72 Thu 28-Apr-05 11:31:56

lots of painful BH then 8 hour labour - intense but straightforward. no idea if there's a connection. mind you, after experiencing the contractions i laugh now at the thought that i found BH painful.....

Pamina3 Thu 28-Apr-05 11:54:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mirage Thu 28-Apr-05 18:41:18

No Braxton Hicks & a very short fast labour-managed with no pain relief so can't have been that bad.

fireflyfairy2 Thu 28-Apr-05 18:52:05

I had BH's for the final 3 weeks of my pregnancy... DS was botn in jusr over 2 hours!


AngelCakeUmm Thu 28-Apr-05 18:53:54

I had a few BH but not very painful, my labour was not to painful and was straight forward but it lasted 16 hrs....i must add only 25 mins was actually pushing 5 pushes and ds arrived

littlerach Thu 28-Apr-05 19:09:53

I had BH from about 20 weeks, really worried me as DD1 had been prem and I thought this one was going the same way! (Shwe ended up 9 days late!) Total labour was 6hrs, with only the last 1 1/2 - 2 being really painful. I also had terrible after pains, not sure if there's any link??

I think someone described frequent BH as having an irritable uterus!

Tinker Thu 28-Apr-05 23:39:20

Hmm, looks like a bit of a link then? She says hopefully.

AussieSim Fri 29-Apr-05 00:01:01

Heaps of BH, threatened labour @ 25weeks and delivered premmie @ 35 weeks. I am doing my darndest not to have BH this time by taking large doses of magnesium and avoiding orgasm.

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