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early pregnancy symptons that you *don't* read about in books?

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BlingDreaming Fri 24-Apr-09 10:49:17

I keep seeing references on MN to symptoms of pregnancy that may or not be scientific/imaginery/anecdotal and thought it would be interesting to gather them in one place.

I remember one person who had a theory that her one ankle would swell almost immediately, or something similar.

What little body quirks did you notice shortly after you became pregnant?

tessofthedurbervilles Fri 24-Apr-09 10:58:49

I could smell a gnat fart at a hundred paces from day one of being pg.

DawnAS Fri 24-Apr-09 11:04:12

Good thread!!

I had two - unfortunately I didn't realise they were PG symptoms until they stopped after my MC, but then came back when I was PG again 6 weeks later!!

First was sore lumps under my arms. Had these before (years ago), but these were slightly different. Like raised glands. Went down as soon as I had the MC but then came up again 6 weeks later - one of the reasons I took an early PG test!

The second one is more common but didn't realise it could happen that quickly...

I MCd at only 5 weeks but straight away loads of my hair was falling out when washing/drying it. 6 Weeks later when I was PG again, hair was hardly coming out at all when washing/drying.

Both of these made me test early and got a faint BFP - now 33 weeks PG with our first child - eek - scary!!


Gorionine Fri 24-Apr-09 11:07:13

I was constantly burping for the first three month for all 4 pregnancies hmm never heard of anyone else with the same symptom, plese tell me I am not a freak!

StealthPolarBear Fri 24-Apr-09 11:08:56

I had a pain at the bottom of my spine (so bum ache ) last time before I even knew I was pregnant, only lasted a few days.
This time no bum ache initially, but have had some on and off since about 8 weeks, can be quite painful.

llareggub Fri 24-Apr-09 11:09:16

Oh yes, my crazy sense of smell was definitely one. Oh, and bizarre things like carrots and hummus giving me ever so gentle heartburn.

ruddynorah Fri 24-Apr-09 11:11:55

the smell thing yes. yesterday i came home and said to dh as soon as i stepped in the living room 'mmm have you been eating chocolate?' he said 'no, oh, yes a chocolate digestive about an hour ago' shock it smelt to me like he'd just whipped up a big chocolate cake.

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Fri 24-Apr-09 11:12:50

I had a complete personality transplant for the whole of my 2 pregnancies. I was unreasonable, depressed, moody. It must have been the hormones but come on....for the whole 9 months! It was a nightmare.

steppemum Fri 24-Apr-09 11:13:30

I found it really difficult to brush my teath as I kept gagging on the toothpaste. Not really sick/nauseous for the rest, but the toothpaste thing was from day one to the end, and with all pg (7 altogether - 4 mcs)

Tillyscoutsmum Fri 24-Apr-09 11:16:26

Stealth - I get bum ache - its called coccyxitis or something daft smile

I also immediately get a really unattractive red flaky rash on my chin

Definitely the super sense of smell as well

StealthPolarBear Fri 24-Apr-09 11:18:07

oooh I have a proper condition
Do you think that's enough to make DH make the tea and rub my feet while I read a magazine?
Bum ache just doesn't have the same sympathy value

Tillyscoutsmum Fri 24-Apr-09 11:20:38

Unfortunately, I was told to avoid sitting down for long periods - so you might not get foot rubs etc ! DH doesn't know that though wink

Longtalljosie Fri 24-Apr-09 11:22:05

A very odd taste in my mouth which started around a week after I must have conceived - judging by my 12 week dating scan.

Strong, metallic - stayed with me until about week 10. If I ever get it again I'll know for definite I'm pregnant.

tessofthedurbervilles Fri 24-Apr-09 11:24:59

Oh and erm...delicate farts could kill a grown man. They are rancid and really embarrassing.

BlingDreaming Fri 24-Apr-09 11:28:11

Oh dear, I already have super smelling powers, if they get any worse I might never be able to leave the house (which will have to be fumigated). DH calls me a bloodhound.

can hardly wait for that symptom. grin

NatalieJane Fri 24-Apr-09 11:31:50

I had a couple of days of absolutely perfectly clear beautiful skin within a week of conceiving all four of mine (one was a MC).

Also a blocked nose that I could smell in my throat hmm I know that's odd but it's the only way I can describe it.

Gentle Fri 24-Apr-09 11:34:41

I had the metallic taste, too.

Mine is not for the squeamish: for the first 3 months of all my 3 pregnancies I would repeatedly think that I was wearing a tampon, and panic that I'd forgotten about one from months ago (not that this is something I would do!!!!) and need to check it out to put my mind at rest. It was exactly like the feeling you get when you haven't quite put one in properly, so that you have to walk like a cowboy until you reach somewhere private to sort it out.

LittleOtik Fri 24-Apr-09 11:38:06

Braxton hicks type contraction whenever I orgasmed from about 3 weeks (well before I knew I was pregnant)

Only happened this early with first pregnancy though.

Gentle Fri 24-Apr-09 11:43:00

Oh dear, LittleOtik, me too. I started a thread about it because it was freaking me out! As I get bigger, my bump all seems to shift over to one side and tighten up.


sandcastles Fri 24-Apr-09 12:18:05

The smell thing is the first symptom I get when pregnant.

Nose bleed, only once. At about 6 weeks.

First pregnancy - heart palpitations.

bunnyfrance Fri 24-Apr-09 13:10:57

Gorionine, you're not the only one - I had constant burping the first 3 months!

Gorionine Fri 24-Apr-09 13:34:05

Thank you bunnyfrance!

Dh was amazed when I told him I knew I was pregnant because I was burping so much and it was comfirmed a few days after by "proper" test!

Joolsiam Fri 24-Apr-09 13:38:07

Twice my hair has gone really strange - fluffy, refuses to style, just hangs oddly within days of conception. First time I noticed but didn't twig - second time, I noticed and decided it was a definite symptom.

First time, my hair stopped falling out. Second time, it kept going but that ended up as an early mc so maybe the hormones didn't get strong enough.

Mild thrush

Creamy CM

JemL Fri 24-Apr-09 13:42:23

ooh, sandcastles, I had heart palpitations too! I got them this time even before a BFP - was at a swimming pool and DH freaked out at my visibly hammering heart and called first aider!

Other early sign - I suddenly grew 3/4 long hairs on my chin blush

hobnob57 Fri 24-Apr-09 13:47:41

With DD it was burping, farting, metal mouth and the sense of smell of a bloodhound.

Funnily enough, my very first symptoms this time were my ears popping at inappropriate times and one of the joints at the back of my pelvis clicking (I had SPD last time). No metal mouth, and smell thing is a bit more under control this time around.

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