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Plain, round neck (not low), maternity T Shirts - how hard can this be?

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LeninGrad Wed 22-Apr-09 10:00:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

insywinsyspider Wed 22-Apr-09 10:04:05

I got some last year from Next - set of 3, have a look on line to see if they are doing some as most of their stores don't carry a good maternity range

Leannabanana Wed 22-Apr-09 10:34:45

Dorothy P or HM....they have these

LeninGrad Wed 22-Apr-09 10:48:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ceebee74 Wed 22-Apr-09 10:52:53

I had a pack of 3 from Next (different colours as last season but very similar style) - they really were very comfortable and hard-wearing so I would recommend them.

LeninGrad Wed 22-Apr-09 11:09:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

unmadebed Wed 22-Apr-09 11:19:39

I have a very plain one in black from Dorothy P, about £8 I think?

Bicnod Wed 22-Apr-09 11:42:04

Mothercare do some plain brown and black ones which can also be used afterwards as nursing tops so don't feel so bad spending money on them... I've lived in mine since the weather got warmer. Here it is

sparkle12mar08 Wed 22-Apr-09 11:57:25

Harder than I ever imagined! I tended to just try on any ordinary long looking t-shirts I came across. Ended up with ones from all sorts of places, supermarkets, New Look, Primark, Next, Dotty P's - everywhere really. On the upside long-line still seems to be in trend so there's every hope of finding stuff on the high street.

LeninGrad Wed 22-Apr-09 12:01:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Granny22 Wed 22-Apr-09 12:08:48

Maybe have a look at the larger size mens ones?

doggiesayswoof Wed 22-Apr-09 12:11:30

Are you near a big Top Shop? I would never get anything in there normally, but I got some good longline maternity t-shirts and a cardi when I was pg. I was v impressed with their maternity range generally.

I got some from Blooming marvellous but have they gone bust?

MadameCastafiore Wed 22-Apr-09 12:11:55


doggiesayswoof Wed 22-Apr-09 12:12:41

Nooooo don't wear men's t-shirts! Guaranteed to make you feel and look mahoosive all over even if you ain't.

missblythe Wed 22-Apr-09 12:16:25


emmmz1980 Wed 22-Apr-09 13:58:40

not proper maternity tops but i got some black,white,red short sleeve round neck tops from asdas just upped my size! £3.00 each! bargain!

mcflumpy Wed 22-Apr-09 18:56:22

second GAP although the white t-shirts are a bt thin. Also have you considered a bump band? Wearing these have let me wear my own t-shirts up til now (30weeks). Saved buying too much.

naomi83 Wed 22-Apr-09 19:21:09

new look blooming marvellous still going and have this perfect black tshirt

castille Wed 22-Apr-09 19:37:38

Vertbaudet have some very nice looking plain t-shirts with a bit of stretch in white, grey, beige and red. When I was last pregnant I wore their t-shirts to death, they were a great fit.

Forester Wed 29-Apr-09 13:56:10

I'm using non maternity t-shirts from Primark and Dorothy Perkin, just in a larger size - they are very long so go over the bump. Not sure they'll last to very end of pregnancy but will get pretty close.

ScorpiowithabigS Wed 29-Apr-09 13:57:56

Scooop neck top from isabella oliver.

Snowfalls108 Wed 29-Apr-09 17:07:26

I got a lovely plain black one from Debenhams -

really lovely, and flattering.

littleweed10 Wed 29-Apr-09 17:09:16

LeninGrad - my bargain of the maternity wardrobe was..... a pack of two maternity T-shirts, one each in black and white, for the princely sum of about £8 for the pair (full price) from PEACOCKS.

They have washed really well, still cover my bump (at nigh on 40 weeks)and have a nice fitted style, short sleeves, round neck, not plunging.

Highly recommended!

Note - they only sell maternity things at bigger Peacocks stores. I got mine in Chelmsford.

Happy shopping

LeninGrad Wed 29-Apr-09 17:11:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleweed10 Wed 29-Apr-09 17:20:46

completely agree about scoop necks - especially when you have a hammock of a maternity bra which shows itself at every movement!

question - why don't maternity bras (usually very big, high, unflattering) not work with the number of maternity tops I've tried, necklines instead are often too low and expose a great piece of said bra.

Hardly a 'come hither' look. well not in my book anyway!!

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