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FA Cup final at 37 weeks...

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worriedamy Tue 21-Apr-09 12:22:45


I know I am being huuuugely stereotypical here in assuming that a lot of the posters on here will think I am just being stupid to even consider this but...

Everton are playing at Wembley on May 30th. I went to the semi-final on Sunday which involved a drive from Merseyside to Birmingham, then getting the train into Euston, then the underground to Wembley, and back. I was generally fine apart from being a bit tired by the end of the day (we left at 8am and got back at 1am!). I am so so so desperate to go to the final- this kind of thing doesn't come around very often for us Evertonians!! I was only 9 years old when Everton last got to the FA Cup final, and god knows how long I will have to wait until another final. I have a feeling that I might be pitching this question to the wrong audience wink but do people think that I would be okay to go???? This is my first pregnancy so I don't know how tired/ uncomfortable etc I will be in 5/6 weeks time, but would absolutley love to go, sooooooooo so so much!! I have had a season ticket at Everton for 13 years; I go to all the home matches, I go to all other matches I can (away/ cup etc etc). I used to play football every Sunday, until about 28 weeks ago and used to play at quite a high level when I was 17/ 18 (until I discovered drink and boys !!).

Please try not to just tell me 'its just a football match' though wink

CountessDracula Tue 21-Apr-09 12:29:10

I was at the semi final last weekend and there was a woman who was about 37 weeks I would think sitting next door but one to me.

I can't see why it would be a problem - how are you thinking about getting to/from the game. I would say if you drive and book parking well in advance you should be fine.

I went when I was pg with dd to Highbury and it was no problem

brettgirl2 Tue 21-Apr-09 12:29:48

I think you are quite mad. grin

However, it's highly unlikely you will go into labour at 37 weeks tbh (although make sure you stay calm :0)

I didn't avoid going places in the UK at 37 weeks, at the end of the day if you do go into labour then there are hospitals in London aren't there?

I felt better at about 37 weeks than any other time, but of course everyone is different.

CountessDracula Tue 21-Apr-09 12:29:52

oh also there is plenty of leg/bump room at the new stadium!

CountessDracula Tue 21-Apr-09 12:30:57

Get a ticket, book the parking and see how you feel nearer the time. I can't imagine it would be hard to get rid of the ticket if you change your mind!

get the ticket. if you find that you can't use it you can sell it or whatever. we missed seeing Waiting for Godot because we weren't sure how i would be feeling at 38 weeks. i really wish we had gone now!

heverhoney1 Tue 21-Apr-09 12:33:25

Oh its not "JUST" a match I quite understand. I have to admit I am a worry wort and a long day like that may be too much. Also I would worry being so far away from home incase I went into labour early (also am a little tight and would worry about the money I would lose if bub did come early) HOWEVER!! There are things you can consider - If money is not an issue - a hotel stay over night, this would split the travelling up. Maybe catch a coach rather than face all the exhausting changes etc..

At the end of the day the decision is and can only be yours - but if you do decide its what you want to do make it as easy on yourself as possible and remember to pack an emergency bag with your notes in etc on the off chance. As a UTD fan I can only wish you good luck as we were big headed enough to send out the babies to play a grown up game and it backfired BIG time!!

Botbot Tue 21-Apr-09 12:37:11

Would it be possible to book a hotel near Wembley so you don't have to face the journey? Pricey though.

I wonder also if you contacted Wembley they'd be able to give you special treatment - a comfy seat or a hotline to the St Johns Ambulance or something smile

I'd find out where the nearest hospitals are, just in case.

Even if you did go into labour on the day, think what a story it'd be to tell your grandchildren! It'd get in the press too...

In fact, maybe you should contact the BBC (or is it just ITV doing the final now?) and get them to follow you round on the day!

worriedamy Tue 21-Apr-09 12:38:13

Yey!! Just the responses I wanted!!! Copying and pasting to DP as we speak!! grin

CountessDracula Tue 21-Apr-09 12:39:11

There is a travelodgey looking hotel right next to the stadium, can't remember which one it is though

MarthaFarquhar Tue 21-Apr-09 12:39:21

I'd go for it in your position. I was still travelling across the UK for work at 38 weeks, and as I felt well, this wasn't a problem for me. But I agree that perhaps booking a night or two in a local hotel might help you to pace yourself a bit. Will your partner be travelling to the match with you, and will he be well-briefed that he might have to miss the game if you do go into labour?

alana39 Tue 21-Apr-09 12:41:58

Used my Watford season ticket up until 38 weeks pregnant with first - and there was far less reason to do that than go to the cup final. Go! But as others have said look at the local hospitals - Northwick Park is the nearest and you might want to find out some up to date info on it - it has had some well publicised problems but these are now going back a few years and I hear it has improved lots.

worriedamy Tue 21-Apr-09 12:46:36

Thanks everyone! Yep, boyf will be coming with me, bless him, he must have asked me at least 150 times if I was okay and if the baby was okay on Sunday!!

Think we might try and book a hotel for the Sat night- on Sunday it was the drive back that was the worst part! The only problem will be getting a room I would imagine!! Gonna go for it I think- woop!!

angelene Tue 21-Apr-09 12:52:30

Get the ticket! You'll regret it if you don't. My DH is a Cardiff City fan and having given up his season ticket after DD arrived he bought another one so he could guarantee getting a ticket to the final last year. Despite my irritation at him being out every other Saturday, there is no way I would have ever not sent him off with a cheery wave because, frankly, he's been with them longer than me and has seen them hanging around the lower divisions in shitty grounds for more years than he'd care to remember.

Agree with getting a hotel - sod the expense, it's the FA Cup Final - and calling Wembley in advance, they would love the positive publicity of looking after a very pg lady!

Have fun - REALLY hope you beat Chelsea! grin

Botbot Tue 21-Apr-09 12:54:42

If all the hotels near Wembley are full, look at ones in places a short tube journey away - perhaps further up the Metropolitan line (Pinner is quite nice).

flowerybeanbag Tue 21-Apr-09 12:59:35

I understand completely. I went to the FA Cup Final a couple of years ago - I'm a West Ham fan so it's not exactly an opportunity that crops up too often.

Having said that, when I was 37 weeks pregnant I was uncomfortable sat in one place for very long and couldn't bear car journeys of more than half an hour. But get the ticket anyway and then flog it if you don't feel up to it.

brettgirl2 Tue 21-Apr-09 12:59:35

Or the other option would be somewhere north of london on the chiltern railway line (station at wembley)

MeAndMyMonkey Tue 21-Apr-09 13:04:12

Hi worriedamy,

I fully support your decision to go (congrats btw on pregnancy and Cup Final!), but, not to sound selfish, DP is also a Toffee, and says if you can't go, can he have (buy) your ticket please!? grin

Good luck either way!

brettgirl2 Tue 21-Apr-09 13:14:12

But if you follow that advice, whatever you do double check there are no engineering works! hmm

Tommy Tue 21-Apr-09 13:21:57

I would have been about 6 months pregant when Southampton played in the FA Cup final (ah.....seems like such a long time ago that they were anywhere near that standard.....) and my first thought was "The toilet will be a long walk from wherever I'm sitting" - and that helped me make my decision not to go

Botbot Tue 21-Apr-09 13:36:32

Just remembered that I went to a wedding 200 miles away at 38 weeks (and did a reading and everything - and even danced a bit at the reception). We drove up one day and back the next. I was fine. DD was born 5 days later though!

naomi83 Wed 22-Apr-09 19:48:36

hotels near wembley

feedthegoat Wed 22-Apr-09 19:55:39

I did my least match before ds was born at about 35 or 36 weeks (can't quite remember!). Admittedly we were only about 40 miles away by car.

I was absolutely fime though it took us about an hour to walk (or waddle for me grin) the mile and a bit to where we park the car!

eeyore2 Mon 27-Apr-09 19:18:04

Hi! I am very jealous - I went to the semi-final at Wembley too but Arsenal got knocked out so I don't have your problem! I have been to lots of matches since getting pregnant and generally have been sick either at or after the match and been totally exhausted after coming home.... but still think it's worth it!
The only issue that you may also want to think about was that at the FA Cup semi I did feel quite vulnerable when squidged onto tubes filled with yelling and chanting fans, and then when stuck on the Wembley way with no proper stewarding and loads of rival fans coralled together with no proper separation.
Definitely agree with the idea of the hotel, by the way - it is a huge huge trip to do at 37 weeks and you would enjoy the match so much more if you were only doing one leg of the journey that day.

worriedamy Sat 30-May-09 08:07:55

Well its cup final day and I'm on my way down to wembley! Babys just got to stay in there for two more days- wish me and Everton luck!!

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