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Dilated right kidney in baby girl @ 20wks

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blue22 Mon 20-Apr-09 18:12:19

Please help - I've just had my 20 week scan and all was fine except that her right kidney is 7.7mm which is apparently too high. Her other one is normal. I'm totally freaking out about what this means. I have another scan in 10 days time with a consultant but feel sick with worry. Has anyone else had this? Thanks so much

micku5 Mon 20-Apr-09 18:15:58

I don't know if this is the same thing but dd2 had renal pelvic dilation.

blue22 Mon 20-Apr-09 18:17:21

And is she now ok?

SoupDragon Mon 20-Apr-09 18:18:45

Very common IIRC. DS2 had it but it had cleared by birth, a friend's DS had it and required an op to straighten a kinked tube.

JustKeepSwimming Mon 20-Apr-09 18:19:20

Friend of mine had this - renal dilation - on both sides.

She had extra scans during the pg and baby had ABs from birth for a few months.

Otherwise no major probs, though they have said the little girl is more likely to suffer from infections for a while, coughs, colds, etc. that last longer and may get worse than for other children.

So don't freak out, stay calm and make sure you have questions written down for any appointments & get someone else to come with to remember the answers as she was given all sorts of differing advice/comments.

micku5 Mon 20-Apr-09 18:38:29

I had additional scans with her and after the 2nd everythign was okay. When she was born she had another scan and was given the okay.

blue22 Mon 20-Apr-09 19:13:11

Thanks so much. Hard not to worry but I'll try! x

WantingToMove Mon 20-Apr-09 20:58:24

Hi blue22. My little boy had dilated kidneys in utero & I was scanned fortnightly until he was delivered & they measured his kidneys each time. They tended to fluctutate but were always outside the required markers. When he was 48 hours old he had an u/s & another one at 6 weeks old & hee was on ABs for 3 months. He also had a catheta test to ensure he didn't have a blockage (reflux), which thankfully he didn't. At 3 months old the consultant said his kidneys are notmal & there is nothing to worry about I know it is a worry but I was told a lot of the times it corrects itself. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask hun.

roseability Mon 20-Apr-09 22:01:02

Hi blue22 I am in a similar position. My baby girl has a dilated left kidney. I am 33 weeks pregnant and have had extra scans.

morningpaper Mon 20-Apr-09 22:03:36

Happened to me! The docs seemed quite CONCERNED about it but it was all absolutely fine.

ilovemydogandMrObama Mon 20-Apr-09 22:04:31

Is it a hydronephrosis? Just means that urine tends to go up rather than down.

A friend of mine had this with her DS. They gave him antibiotics at birth, and think he was scanned again at 3 months? He's fine and he sees a consultant once a year until he's 3 years old...

Ledodgy Mon 20-Apr-09 22:05:11

My ds1 had this, it was gone by 30 weeks and then he was scanned again at 6 weeks old and all was fine.

Ledodgy Mon 20-Apr-09 22:05:12

My ds1 had this, it was gone by 30 weeks and then he was scanned again at 6 weeks old and all was fine.

alana39 Tue 21-Apr-09 12:06:56

My son had this - had a year of antibiotics from birth (once a day, squirted into mouth with syringe so really easy), kidney studies at 6 months and annual ultrasound and consultant follow up until he was discharge at 5 1/2 as the kidney continued to grow and the dilated kidney pelvis got smaller in proprtion.

It is very common, but remember one normal kidney is more than enough anyway and at least you are aware of the other one - our consultant said loads of us could be living with this as if we were born before routing ultrasound scans no one would ever have known.

DITDOT Tue 21-Apr-09 22:10:48


My dd had this. It was also diagnosed at 20 week scan. Was distraught as after having a normal can with dd1 I never thought about anything being wrong!. Had scans every 3 weeks and it never went away.
She ended up on anti-b's for 2 years with an operation to cure it at 18 months old. THIS IS NOT A SCARE STORY. I just wanted you to know that even if it doesn't go away it still has a positive outcome. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my dd except she has a 1/2 kidney on the left and a 1cm keyhole scar she is proud of and will show at any given opportunity telling people the doctors took her 'kidley'
I was told that most cases do rectify themselves and I hope that you are one of those but looking back I was so glad it was her kidney and not something more sinister.

blue22 Wed 22-Apr-09 10:23:31

Thank you so much Ditdot, and I'm so glad your girl is ok. She sounds cute! Really kind of you to tell me your story.

naomi83 Wed 22-Apr-09 19:34:09

From an adult perspective, I just had my right kidney out by keyhole surgery, apparently it had been swollen from birth and got worse over the years, but not caught on my pregnancy ultrasounds until my back pain went bad, and I had yet another infection. The surgery was relatively easy, and recovery time is much shorter than c-section, and i'm still a fully functioning adult, except hopefully with less infections and bak pain! so even if her kidney fails at some point and she ends up with it being removed if the other one functions fine she can live her whole life normally, have kids etc, just not ever be a kidney donor. I hope this reassures you a little.

Beetroot Wed 22-Apr-09 19:36:55

Naomi - I had my left out but now have a 12 inch scar.
mine was congenital too. feel great now though.

Beetroot Wed 22-Apr-09 19:38:53

ds1 had the same
scanned at birth and fine
then scanned at 3 months and discoverd a horse kidney - so been under GOSH for 15 years.
he loves it - we go to London every year, scan chat and then go shopping or to an exhibition.

he is fine smile

blue22 Tue 27-Oct-09 08:49:24

Hi, just to finish this story in case anyone else in same position. Her scans in pregnancy got worse and worse till it measured 19mm, which is massive! I was told there was permanent kidney damage which they would assess at birth.
Fast forward to 6 weeks ago and I gave birth to beautiful baby girl. Scanned 2 days old and her kidneys measured absolutely fine(3mm) They double/triple checked but could find nothing wrong. I have to go back next week to check again, but she seems perfectly ok. So if anyone has this scare at 20wks please don't be too freaked out like I was - how they can go from 19mm to 3mm I don't know - but hey - I'm not complaining!

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